Boatmurdered was an old group base on 2b2t founded by Andrew_Gill, with its origins thought to be in mid-late 2011. It is known for its vast size, relative wealth, and large number of members.

"The Legendary Base of Boatmurdered - 21/11/11"
InhabitantsAndrew_Gill, KiwiWololo, Patty_Melt, Core468, Rokushoebo
LocationX: 6613 Z: -10271
StartedSeptember 2011
FinishedNovember 2011
GriefersSato86, fubster, Pyrobyte, xarviar, and Jacktherippa, and various others.
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One stop on Boatmurdered's Transit System.

Following the departure of Andrew_Gill and his friends from a small and barely documented town named Brones in mid-2011, they founded a new base; Boatmurdered.[1] The base was christened Boatmurdered after a game story of the same name in Dwarf Fortress, the "Chronicles of Boatmurdered."[1] A video of the original game in Dwarf Fortress can be found here.

A recreation of the Spawn Occupation creating a lavacast and blowing up spawn.


Andrew_Gill and his crew founded the base in September 2011, Andrew's first and final permanent residence.[1] [2] The newly established group wanted to pay homage to the stories of Boatmurdered, so they created their base underground, with construction beginning in September 2011.[1] Construction continued into November. Base documentation began around this time.

Peak of activity

At their peak, Boatmurdered had 20-30 active players at the base. Boatmurdered was a base that was somewhat ahead of its time, as it contained many materials and some components that were rare on the server (notably vines).[1] The base featured a mass transit system, which was quite useful for the time.[2] Soon after the founding, the group formed good relations with the Dwarves and the members of Fellowship of the Diamond who were basing at Diamond Town.[1]

During the base's peak in December, the group, along with the Diamond Town residents, the Dwarves, popbob, and other individuals led a large occupation of spawn. Activities included creating lavacasts and bombing out large sections of spawn. The group concentrated their invasion at the spawn area, which was on top of a 15x15 obsidian platform at the time. The occupation lasted 4 days before Hausemaster intervened to remove the lavacasts placed there so new players could escape as usual.

Andrew's Tower at StoneForge


Over time, Boatmurdered's residents split up and moved on to new projects, citing boredom and lack of activity among other reasons. Andrew and others took residents they were suspicious of to a base called Stoneforge, also known as Deepforge, while Core768 took other, more trusted members to a base called Rhodes. Stoneforge acted as a decoy to retract attention from the main base, Rhodes. Stoneforge was later insided by CytotoxicTcell.

Boatmurdered was griefed multiple times over the next few years. Some notable griefers were Sato86, fubster, xarviar, and Jacktherippa.[1]


On July 28th, 2021, a player named 7tu began rebuilding Boatmurdered, trying to recapture what the base would have looked like. He finished it by August 4th, 2021. The final product was approved by Andrew_Gill himself the next day. Since then, the base had received various visitors until it was griefed anonymously in September 2022. This was partially due to the very close proximity to spawn (some would consider its location right on the fringe of spawn and the greater spawn region).


Boatmurdered's notable aspects include:

  • Boat Murder District Transit System (BMDTS)
  • Boatmurdered's abundance of vines
  • Offices, apartments/residential units, and a dining hall
  • Player tombs, which were a tradition to Andrew's bases

Boatmurdered was created between a few ravines, about 30 blocks high from the floor of the base to the tops of the ravines.

Notable members

Note: There may be spelling errors in these names as these were taken from an audio transcript.

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