Block Game Jerusalem

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Block Game Jerusalem
InhabitantsJoey_Coconut, Slappnbadkids, GVNewman, Beezlesnort, JuicyBear, Drathader, macca_2508, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, ufocrossing, Todarac, Chunkr, Krobar01, Vertrix, TheColdOneJC, Tanaxis, fr1kin, DarkXL6, FamilyPumpkin6, DJDJ_, Zaanga, Crawket, LordGalvatronMC, IronException, Rathause, leijurv, mattvtd, marcus4761 and iAmZeiss
LocationX:-1534200 Z:-1428800
StartedJune 08, 2018 (six years ago)
LeakerThe basemates and jared2013
GriefedJune 16, 2021 (three years ago)
GriefersJoey_Coconut, l_amp, Dectonic, ZippieDooDah, and Nekramite
World download
LinkThe World Download Is Available On The Archive (IP:



After the fall of Block Game Mecca, the Block Gamers, led by Slappnbadkids, moved to a new location, which they decided to call ‘Block Game Jerusalem’. Included in the group were Slappnbadkids, Joey_Coconut, Juicybear, fr1kin, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, Chunkr, Drathader, Vertrix, TheColdOneJC, macca_2508, GVNewman, Beezlesnort, Tanaxis, Todarac, Krobar01, and ufocrossing. After moving all of the group’s materials to the new location, The BoeMeccan Witch Trials were concluded, and the Block Gamers griefed Purgatory II with several others under the banner of the Shortbus Caliphate.

BGJ Sign Board

Initial construction and inactivity

After the dust had settled, Slappnbadkids quit the server and the new BGJ group went inactive by the end of Summer 2018. A few large projects had been started or finished, including Krobar01’s skull and obsidian temple, macca_2508’s bowl, the Temple, the storage hall, Beezlesnort and ufocrossing printed several voxels: the Ark of the Covenant, an alien, and the Eiffel tower. In addition to one other small structure, these are the only transplanted builds at the base. Todarac also built his embassy in Turrim. Activity continued at a slow pace. The Block Gamers planned to wait for 1.13 and avoid loading too much of the surrounding area until that happened, and many of the base members stopped playing the server regularly. Krobar01 came in the Summer of 2018 and built his ‘Hovel’ and Eye. Many visitors arrived throughout this timespan including 0x22, Babbaj, iTristan, and Jacktherippa. The account JewishBanker was often afk at BJG through this period as part of the Nocom exploit. The base nonetheless stayed inactive for most of 2019 and 2020.

Krobar01’s skull, originally intended to be built at Boghdad


This all changed when Hopen was griefed on August 7, 2020. The Block Gamers decided to bring many of the residents of Hopen to BGJ, and Joey_Coconut assumed leadership of the base. Joey_Coconut also brought the main builders from Fort Aqua in the same wave. That equated to LordGalvatronMC, Crawket, DarkXL6, FamilyPumpkin6, Zaanga, mattvtd, and DJDJ_ being added to the group. Activity at the base exploded, although mostly from the old members. Shitpost builds were cleaned up, and many more, higher quality shitpost builds took their places.

Jared's visit

Trouble abounded quickly, however, with jared2013 leaking the coordinates, and making threats to blow up the base in early September. A pretty big fuss came about, and many people became aware of the base's existence. After Jared got to BGJ and got a tour, he never returned to the location.

Explosion in base size

Many large structures were created in late 2020, most notably including TCOJC's section of the base, the majority of which was built in this period. Also built were Crawket's cyber palace, Galvatron's section of the base, and DarkXL6's 'New Jerusalem'. Macca continued with his bowl. Vertrix and Joey_Coconut continued with a wide variety of smaller builds in their respective areas. IronException and Rathause were added to the base group in this period. _m_o_t_h_r_a_ rejoined the base in October and built his mushroom.

LordGalvatronMC's Pyramid

Continued leaks

In December of 2020, jared leaked the coordinates through orsond to many people, who also all happened to be friends of the base members, such as PepsiLord420 (leader of PVG), Sakuya, 0x22, HermeticLock, and others. These individuals prevented griefs repeatedly behind the scenes, oftentimes without Joey or the Block Gamers even knowing at the respective times. Coordinates were also leaked to D_loaded, and by extension, several other DonFuer members. They remained completely respectful, not touching the base, or poaching the materials. Around April Fool's day, an account by the name of xX_Mr_Rogers_Xx flew to BGJ. After a tense couple of hours, he started helping build the temple and then vanished the next week. It was long-assumed that xX_Mr_Rogers_Xx was an elaborate prank on the part of one of the base members. Upon the grief of the base, it was revealed to be iAmZeiss, sent by D_loaded to check the base out. Zeiss was added as a full member of the base on the morning of the grief.

Joey_Coconut's Brick Biome II

Continued construction

Construction continued, with Galvatron putting sizable time into his region of the base and Joey completing his second Brick Biome.

Construction on the temple itself started after almost 3 years in design limbo. It was not finished by the end of the base. leijurv was added to the group about this time. FamilyPumpkin6 and DJDJ_ both quit for unrelated reasons.

Joey_Coconut finished his desert village over the spring, and marcus4761 was added to the base following the grief of Avalysium. Galvatron continued with his area, Crawket with his, and Joey_Coconut and IronException with the temple. Rathause also constructed his village at this time. Mattvtd began building his town, and DarkXL6 constructed his build entitled 'New Jerusalem'.

Regular activity slowed down until it was only Joey_Coconut, Galvatron, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, and Rathause.

Final days

Following sizeable drama between jared2013 and Joey_Coconut, and the grief of Imperator's Base 2, jared left the BGJ discord for what the members claim was the 6th or 7th time. Thinking the base's lifespan was limited, all the group’s materials were preemptively moved away. Galvatron, Iron, and Rathause built clear to the end of the base. Zaanga started to build near the end, and Slappnbadkids returned physically to the base after almost 3 years away.

Gallery of builds


On June 16th, jared2013 leaked BGJ and Whitehaven, and had sent people to grief both bases. Discussion of a self grief was held at BGJ, but ultimately the base members decided against it. Instead, several SpawnMasons were invited to BGJ to help grief, and the coordinates were leaked in global chat and many discord servers.


Joey_Coconuts Reddit post

Imgur Folder of images of base