The Blind Eye Clan

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The Blind Eye Clan
Blind Eye Clan Banner.png
The Blind Eye Clan Banner
Approx. FoundedEarly July of 2016
Approx. DisbandmentNovember 20th-30th, 2016
Notable Members
Notable Bases
BitterCynic's old Spawn base and other

The Blind Eye Clan was a group of players who were dedicated to blowing up spawn. They did not want to be recognized as a faction like a team but rather as just a group of players with similar interests. They were essentially the opposite of Team Uberslugcake who were dedicated to fixing spawn.


The first member of the clan was Flip who had a plan of blowing up spawn since he first joined 2b2t. He didn't have enough Slime Blocks and helpers for the bombers so he individually invited other players to join the cause. The Blind Eye Clan tried to make a peace treaty with Team Aurora and the Peacekeepers for the first official bombing of the spawn that was scheduled on the 22nd of October, 2016. The Triple Treaty (TTT) was made but due to leaks about meetup base coordinates the bombing was canceled and the base was griefed by The 4th Reich. Later on, the Blind Eye Clan left The Triple Treaty due to not wanting to limit its members. After the 11/11 dupe, the Clan had enough resources for the whole bombing of spawn.

The Clan scheduled to once again attempt to bomb spawn during the 5th Incursion as jared2013 called for the leveling of spawn. However, this never happened as the 5th Incursion began to decline. As the 5th Incursion began to die, it brought the clan down with it and the group eventually disbanded.


Since The Blind Eye Clan tries to stay as just a group of players with similar interests they don't have any official allies or enemies but most of the clan members hate The 4th Reich for delaying the bombing.

Most of the former members merged with VoCo (ie househousehouse1, Sheer, and Flip35).

In December of 2017, Flip began supporting Team Rainbow, so we can assume that Team Rainbow would be neutral to The Blind Eye Clan if it were to ever be revived.

Notable members

  • Gobbl (flip35)
  • Rimmy93
  • Sheer (thesheergenius)
  • Stlavs
  • Samtheham11
  • 1_Kingcris
  • Jumbo_Warrior
  • househousehouse1