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Approx. JoinedDecember 2013 or earlier
BasesJericho City

Bigdon50 was a former midfag (or oldfag, exact join date is disputed) on the server before fading into obscurity and leaving. His most notorious act was for being behind the leaking and eventual destruction of the base Summermelon, as well as being affiliated with Fit.



It is unknown when Bigdon joined 2b2t, but he had to have joined in early December 2013 or earlier, as he is seen talking in chat in a video of iTristan blowing up popbob's end base.[1]

Bigdon didn't do anything of significance throughout his early days on the server. This was until after the Rusher War when he built Jericho city, at some point during this time he became friends with Fit, he got some clout.


After the grief of Jericho bigdon50 would move to Summermelon and would also base at Rocket Town with Fit. After Rocket Town got griefed, Bigdon50 leaked the coordinates of SummerMelon to Fit for unknown reasons, but most likely for clout.

Final Days

His last base would be The Citadel, which would later be abandoned, as according to Fit "He has become a Nomad like myself". Fit would make a video on The Citadel and would give Bigdon50 a shout-out for all of his achievements on 2b2t. After the release of the video, Bigdon has faded into obscurity and has most likely quit 2b2t for good.


  1. Griefing popbob's end base on 2b2t, created December 3rd, 2013, uploaded on May 23rd, 2014.