Beardler was a builder and archivist who caused major drama after griefing Block Game Mecca and Boedecken. He was a member of Astral Brotherhood.

"Ngl if you join and you need help this is the wrong server for you"
StatusQuit - January 23, 2023
JoinedMarch 12 2017
BasesEleusis, Oceania, Antioch, Viper Base, Purgatory, Purgatory 2, Block Game Mecca, Boedecken, Limbosity, Bernheim, Santiago, Okab, Nautilus, Poppy Town, Lidenbrock, Stone Brick Sanctuary, MoLaST, Spawn Migration, Dubrovnik
GriefsBoedecken, Block Game Mecca
TypeBuilder, Griefer, Historian
Alternative AccountsSpawn_Patrol, 2b2tElitist, Plague_Of_Blight, SolipsisticBeing, AmericanMilitary
PastBuilders Haven, The Brotherhood, Builders' Haven:Second Take, Mew Revolution, Astral Brotherhood


Early History

Beardler joined 2b2t on March 12, 2017. He explored for several months before founding his first base, Eleusis, on August 5, 2017. After an unknown player discovered the base, Beardler continued building for a short period before self-griefing. Eventually, Beardler traveled to the +,+ world corner. He downloaded many bases and monuments along the way, including each of Byrnsy’s nether landmarks. He reached the world corner, Point Less, around Christmas of 2017. After he submitted his contributions to jddinger, he was offered a position on The Museum staff and was also invited to Viper Base.

Oceania and Invitation to Block Game Mecca

R2bEEaton invited him to a base which they named Oceania. After arriving there on March 11, 2018, Beardler built several drain builds in the ocean around the base, including one designed by ExpertEdy, that made up the majority of the base. He also invited MagicEx, McButcher, and Slappnbadkids, among others. Slappnbadkids was invited after accidentally leaking Block Game Mecca to Beardler when Slappn submitted a WDL to the Museum that contained BGM region files. Slappnbadkids leaked Oceania to jared2013 in order to preserve BGM after jared2013 made an ultimatum to either give up Oceania or to have BGM be griefed.[1]

Builders Haven

Beardler started several discord guilds in May 2018, namely: Builders' Guild, Explorers' Guild, and PvPers' Guild.[2] While the Explorers' Guild and PvPers' Guild both fizzled out quickly, the Builders' Guild attracted a community of builders that soon thereafter wanted to build a base together. Beardler founded Builders Haven originally as a channel in the Builders' Guild discord server on May 25, 2018. Jonathan222, 1Charlie3, and Bloctagon helped him to run the group from the get-go. He built at Purgatory and Purgatory 2 before leaving as a result of overwhelming anti-Beardler sentiment within the group following the BoeMeccan Witch Trials and destruction of Purgatory 2.

BoeMeccan Witch Trials

On May 25, 2018, Beardler griefed Boedecken. In Beardler's words "[He] logged in to 2b2t with the intention to blow off steam and de-stress by griefing something."[3] He stored the rare items from the base and transported them to Block Game Mecca temporarily. After discussing with Odorous on the night of June 1st and deducing that Slappnbadkids had leaked Oceania, Beardler gave Odorous the login credentials to the BGM base alt and together they moved the collectibles and griefed the base. Odorous took all of the items for himself and stashed them on several alternate accounts. While initially denying his involvement in the griefs of the bases, Beardler eventually claimed that his Minecraft account was compromised because he used identical login information to an account he gave to a friend, many players initially believed this. The griefs were incorrectly correlated as having had a similar cause (the theft of collectible items), and the two griefs were also combined with an investigation into RyRyCat's false claims of having had gone to Block Game Mecca several months before its grief.[4] All of the disgruntled BGM and Boedecken members' inquiries into all these perceived-to-be-related events coalesced into the BoeMeccan Witch Trials, which were headed up by YellowStoneJoe and Joey_Coconut. At the beginning, there was no hard evidence. All accusations were made as a result of circumstantial evidence and suspicion. Nonetheless, hard evidence was indeed found in the form of the 'Im Gay' book by AlphaComputer. This proved Beardler guilty of griefing Boedecken and caused him to confess to greifing BGM. It also came out that he had sent jared2013's ip to Slappnbadkids. While others had shared jared's IP previously, specifically Beardler's leak to Slappnbadkids was made public on the reddit and the community turned against Beardler for it.[5] Although he was near-universally shunned, he built on 2b2t for another month at Petrichor with tenderhart and Dr_Andrew. He exited the community for 2 years due to reasons unrelated to 2b2t.[6]

Brotherhood and Builders' Haven 2

Beardler returned from a sustained break from 2b2t in October 2020 and started his short-lived Capital Project as an attempt to re-integrate into the community. After it fizzled out, he started the Brotherhood, originally called the Cult of Bro. He also documented history of smaller bases and groups in very long google document titled The Brotherhood Knowledgebase.[7] The group originally functioned as a chatroom although it turned into a building group with the presence of Astroria, Roboi, and Phobias_12, culminating in Brotherhood 1, and later Brotherhood 2. After Brotherhood 1, interest in the group's presence on 2b2t fizzled out amidst chat mutes increasing in frequency for sending discord links in global chat. Through the Brotherhood, Beardler came back into contact with _Boofer_, a former Builders' Haven member, and they set about reestablishing the group together. The first base of Builders' Haven: Second Take was Limbosity, which was meant to screen members for the next base, Bernheim. They were both later griefed by the Fifth Column.[8][9]

Reintegration into the Community

Beardler took a break from 2b2t before the Builders' Haven griefs, upon which time he gave his account to 7red. He returned several months later, playing on alts to avoid unwanted attention as a result of drama from Fit's Builders' Haven grief video. He founded Arrakis and then became a member of the Astral Brotherhood. With them, he founded Santiago and worked extensively at the bases Okab and Nautilus. While at Okab, Beardler led the construction of a group build called the 'Beard Hole'. After moving to Nautilus, he dug a large amount before taking a break from 2b2t in late 2021. Beardler became the leader of Mew Revolution for a short period with plans to re-engineer the group. After losing interest he gave the group back to MrAllNet and remained an advisor for several months. Beardler exited Mew Revolution after drama surrounding then Mew Revolution members Hockeyl8 and Franknificant griefing a base owned by DonFuer (with whom they had a no-griefing agreement). He returned to Astral Brotherhood in July 2022 and did a large proportion of the digging and construction at Lidenbrock before its grief later that month. He later built at Dubrovnik.


After completing digging at Nautilus, Beardler founded a museum base to store the collectibles he had collected over the past year, before deciding the collection was too large to keep at that location. He then co-founded MoLaST with Osmobyte in February 2022 as a more secure museum location. To the base he invited a number of other collectors and archivists to help efforts along. He led efforts there until it was determined that one of the members, Steampunkjax, had been leaking Astral and Donfuer bases to Backstreet Boys and Fifth Column. Beardler self-griefed the MoLaST with smcz19 on August 23, 2022.


  • Note* - The 'i dont intend upon quitting 2b fully for a long...' post covers a wide variety of topics and is therefore mentioned multiple times