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Affiliations: 2b2t Museum admins (former), Builders Haven (former), Llane

Beardler's claim to fame was being involved in the grief of Block Game Mecca, as well as the grief of The Boedecken. Beardler was directly accused of stealing items from each base's museum and then griefing the base to cover up his theft. Many conflicting opinions were held in response to BGM's grief. Many people believed Beardler, who said that his account was hacked, most members of Block Game Mecca and The Boedecken did not subscribe to this. In the beginning of the trials, there was no hard evidence; no smoking gun. There was, however, quite a lot of circumstantial evidence. Nontheless, hard evidence was indeed found. More information on the trials and Beardler's involvement can be found here: BoeMeccan Witch Trials.

Beardler has been inactive as of late, although he returned on November 7th, 2018 for two days. Beardler claims he will come back some time in Mid/Late 2019. As of October, he is still not back.