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Approx. JoinedOctober 6, 2016
Type2b2t YouTuber
Alt. AccountsBarrenDome2, DarrenBome, NegaBarrenDome, HandiMan, CalendarMan, CtrlAltMeth, FreedomGlider, RacistTrump, BucknerGarcia, TacticalBaptism, CrippleThreat, MattFoley, TamponVampire
CurrentCollector's Club

BarrenDome, sometimes shortened to Barren, is a 2b2t YouTuber with over 94 thousand subscribers as of April 2021. He also founded The Church of Cthulhu. He began playing in late 2016 and continues to this day.


BarrenDome joined on October 6, 2016. He mainly wanders around the map finding interesting things to make videos on, while also doing the occasional base tour. He was also one of the curators of The Museum. His group, the The Church of Cthulu, is a cult who occasionally builds ocean-themed bases and places their banners at spawn.


BarrenDome is the only known 2b2t player who has done all the achievements on 2 accounts with 0 deaths on the main one.


BarrenDome has taken part in many bases. From January 7 to the present (As of May 2020), BarrenDome has helped maintain a large obsidian pyramid that had its coordinates leaked in January 2017.[1] Even with its coordinates being public, it was rarely visited after its grief. It was also used for housing a dupe stash by some of BarrenDome's friends from the group Hammerbeam.

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