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JoinedOctober 6, 2016
Type2b2t YouTuber
Alternative AccountsBarrenDome2, DarrenBome, NegaBarrenDome, HandiMan, CalendarMan, CtrlAltMeth, 6kr, RacistTrump, BucknerGarcia, TacticalBaptism, CrippleThreat, MattFoley, DirtyGirlScout
CurrentCollector's Club
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BarrenDome, sometimes shortened to Barren, is a 2b2t YouTuber with over 95,000 subscribers as of July 2021 and the founder of The Church of Cthulu. He began playing in late 2016 and continues to this day.


BarrenDome joined on October 6, 2016. He made his first base over 1 million blocks from Spawn on October 16. There, he also converted two nearby villages with melons and pumpkins respectively. Unfortunately, he setup his bed wrong and when he accidentally died he found himself back at Spawn. Initially he wasn't going to walk all the way back to the base and posted the coordinates on the 2b2t subreddit. After a day however, he removed the post and decided to walk to his base. Luckily, no one ever, and the melon and pumpkin towns survived for over 3 years before being discovered and griefed.

After this moment, he mainly wanders around the map finding interesting things to make videos on, while also doing the occasional base tour. He was also one of the curators of The Museum. His group, The Church of Cthulhu, is a cult that occasionally builds ocean-themed bases and places their banners at Spawn.


  • Barren is the only known 2b2t player who has done all the 1.12 Advancements on 2 accounts; BarrenDome and DarrenBome. The first time attempting to complete all the Advancements, Barren was in a contest with Torogadude to see who would be first. Torogadude beat Barren by just a few hours. The second time, Barren used an alt account, DarrenBome, and completed all the 1.12 Advancements with 0 deaths and under 17 hours.

First: 2b2t: Final Advancement "How Did We Get Here." (September 21, 2017) Second: 2b2t - Completing All 1.12 Advancements, again. (September 8, 2019)

  • Barren has also created over 20 different pieces of map art. The largest set of maps was based on pictures to recreate the 1st level of the Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, game Super Mario Brothers. He’s also one of the few people on 2b2t who has a map wall that displays every piece of map art, all 32,767 map IDs.
  • On November 28, 2016, when 2b2t was updated to 1.11, Barren created the server's first "Chat Incursion". The 1.11 update allowed for the chat limit to increase from 100 characters to 255 and allowed for players to create small ASCII art in chat.  After a few days the 2b2t admin patched the server to limit chat back to the max of 100 character. A video by Barrendome showcased the new method of spam.
  • Barren was the first 2b2t player to find a six block tall cactus on the server
  • Discovered six Seamless Double Stone Slabs at an old 2012 base. Gave five away to other players and kept one for himself for over two years before giving it away in a discord contest when he reached 95,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • Caused two of his player statistics to reach negative numbers; Distance by Elytra and Distance Fallen.
  • Barren is one of only two people, the other being Armorsmith, who have been to the world border in the End.


BarrenDome has taken part in many bases, both for himself and with others. He built a large Obsidian pyramid 1.4M blocks from spawn. The base lasted from November 2017 to January 2018, until he accidentally released the coordinates when he made a video about it. The Fourth Reich griefed the build. Since the Obsidian Pyramid coordinates were never released publicly, Barren secretly returned in September 2017 and rebuilt the Obsidian Pyramid. He also created a large dupe stash there based on the donkey/freecam dupes. The pyramid lasted until May 17, 2020 when it was discovered by some random explorers. This time Barren griefed the pyramid himself and destroyed the large dupe stash that was there.

Barren also traveled over 3 million blocks from Spawn and built his BoneSpire base, that also had the large Columbia statue. The BoneSpire base lasted from March 2017 until January 2021 when it was found by random explorers. Barren decided to grief the base himself, even though most of the base's large dupe stash had already been stolen.

He also had a small castle build called Windmere, that lasted from July 3, 2017, to March 14, 2020. While Windmere was not a large build, it contained a very large dupe stash from the book/chunk dupe and nearby was his Unnatural Block Museum also created using the book/chunk dupe. When a random person discovered Windmere, Barren decided to grief the builds and the large stash himself.

Barren has also created several smaller builds, both for his videos and for people the find; Hovering Inverted Sand Pyramid (H.I.S.P.), Sweets & Thorny (255 tall sugar cane & cactus), Cavalier boat, Nocturnal statue (Skyrim), Ice Boat race track, Elder Guardian Temple, Helicoid Pinnacle, Survival Shelter, and his Sundial.

On January 2018, Barren was invited to base at Hammerbeam. Hammerbeam's members included Casual_MC, maikerumine, MorbidRain, TotalDarkness, and DoctrZombie. Barren built four Iron Golem farms, a villager breeder, and a 92-villager trading hall.  Hammerbeam was discovered in May 2018 and griefed. Members from Hammerbeam relocated to Barren's rebuilt Obsidian Pyramid and stayed there until its second grief.

Currently, BarrenDome has a base in The End called The Nexus founded on May 17, 2017. He also has his Void Caverns base that contains his museum of rare items, books, and banners, founded on July 26, 2017.

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