The Backstreet Boys (BSB) are a group founded and lead by digandbuilder (DigMC) and iMems after digandbuilder was kicked from the Astral Order and iMems left. The name and ranks of the group are roadman themed. The Backstreet Boys seek to have fun on 2b2t as much as possible by creating a very relaxed environment for members where generally everything is accepted as a group activity as long as it brings enjoyment to its members, be it by griefing bases, building bases, hanging around at spawn to kill players, or building concentration camps at spawn (a group tradition). The group saw a rise in popularity in early 2019, griefing many bases and starting conflicts with groups such as Legion G4MEMODE which was lead by a popular Spanish youtuber Felixelnoob, And the Emperium. Throughout the years the group has been most recognized for their griefing of significant 2b2t bases such as the Monastery, X-Topia, Monolith, and Avalysium. They currently operate a YouTube channel dedicated to showing of their griefing activity which has amassed over 2 thousand subscribers as of June 2021, making it the largest active 2b2t group YouTube channel.

Backstreet Boys
The Backstreet Boys banner
FoundedSeptember 2018
Leaderdigandbuilder and iMems
GriefsDonfuer 23, The Monastery, Avalysium, FutureFuer, Many SpawnFuers


BSB is generally just a group of friends who enjoy playing 2b2t together, without following the structure of other 2b2t groups. The 5 main ranks that determine trust and activity level go as follows:

- Bigman: Leaders of BSB, Head of Group Operations

- Inner Circle: Part of Leadership Team, Very Trusted Players, Help Lead BSB Along side the Bigmen

- Mandem: Full member of BSB

- Recruit: BSB Recruits, Trial members who are gaining trust, first official rank of BSB

- Friend: Rank given to anyone who BSB thinks is chill or anyone that often hangs out with them



Digandbuilder joined 2b2t in May 2018 and soon after joined the Astral Order, where he met and befriended iMems who had been a member of the group for quite some time. During their time in the Astral Order, they set up a small group where they would make concentration camps at spawn and force new players to work. However, at around September 2018, due to internal drama in the Astral Order, digandbuilder was banned from the group and out of frustration, iMems left. The two decided to form their own group, where they could continue with the activity of making camps at spawn, which of course we know now as the Backstreet Boys.

Shortly after the formation of the group, the French YouTuber Fuze III made his video on 2b2t and the 7th Incursion was subsequently formed. Both iMems and dig decided to participate in it where they befriended BachiBachBach, who joined earlier that year due to AntVenom's video on the server, and would be invited into the new BSB. In its early months, BSB gained a decent amount of members, including pre-June player LeakTheJuice, and former Infrared co-leader windowsxp4971, the latter of which being the only member recruited in 2018 who is still in the group today. BSB in this time also built a few small bases, including a Christmas base that got griefed by the Astral Order, and during the Christmas period, BSB would conduct several griefs against the Astral Order which severely weakened them, and they would pretty much die in early-2019.


For the first few months of 2019, BSB focused primarily on building bases, the occasional camps at spawn and the occasional base grief. Two bases were built in the first two months of 2019, Tesco and Morrisons, which were just small bases but nonetheless were decent projects which succeeded in keeping the group active. In late-February of 2019, BSB's first major base was founded by player Own4ever, the City of Alfheim. Own became inactive not long after founding the base, but the base continued on until September of 2019. During this time as well, BSB entered a conflict with the group Legion G4MEMODE, led by Spanish YouTuber FelixElNoob, which they managed to destroy the following summer. The Emperium around this time also caught attention of BSB and attempted on numerous occasions to inside them but unlike with groups like Infrared and Visionary, their efforts failed and this spawned a rivalry between the two groups.

During the middle of 2019, BSB partook in the early 8th Incursion with Jared2013, which ended up not amounting to much due to the fact that jared had burned his bridges with many of the large groups on the server. For much of summer 2019, BSB were at spawn either engaging in PVP or griefing bases, with many of the members around that time being spawn PVPers. Despite BSB soon pulling out of this failing 8th Incursion, BachiBachBach opted to stay and would eventually form the Infinity Incursion, he became increasingly distant from his fellow BSB members and left the group in the heat of an argument with iMems and windowsxp4971 in the August of 2019. For a long time after this point, relations with Bachi varied greatly, with one of the main reasons for griefing Alfheim was because Bachi had the coordinates to it. But also, Bachi worked with BSB to try to gain the trust of TheDark Emperor in order to inside The Emperium, which would have succeeded had the selected Emperium insider not defected, and by Christmas, Bachi was invited to build at the BSB Christmas base. After the destruction of Alfheim, then BSB member Pixelboy113 wanted his base which he had gotten several members on board with called Faglantis II to be the new main base. However, there was a general lack of interest in the base from many of the members, partly brought on by Pixelboy's constant begging. Eventually, Pixelboy would backstab BSB for very trivial reasons and would be subsequently be banned from the group by iMems, this would begin his long hatred for the group, even going as far as to make up insane claims about the group.

Throughout 2019, the group went through quite a fair few batches of members, with very few of the members who were in the group around late-2018/early-2019 still around by the end of 2019. Some of the group's most notable members from this period who are still members today are Angery Frog and jebolgray. By the end of 2019, BSB had firmly established itself as a major group on the server with quite a reputation for griefing as well and that reputation would continue on into the next year as well.


2020 began with a rivalry between BSB and the Imperials, with several Imperial bases getting griefed and Angery Frog insiding the group on an alt to the extent he eventually became the leader of the group's 2b2t branch. The Imperials had the majority of their bases destroyed by BSB and their 2b2t branch was crippled, with one of their members even joining BSB. Whilst keeping the camps as a staple for the group, there was also the introduction of the Allah Cubes at spawn, where they would build giant Kaabas at spawn. Early-2020 also saw BSB conduct their first major base grief with the destruction of The Monastery in February, a base over 7 years old which boosted their reputation a lot, and they got a FitMC video covering the base and its subsequent grief as well. That same month also saw their second major base grief near the end of the month with the grief of X-Topia, which they destroyed the day after its one-year anniversary.

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, BSB began construction on a new main base, Eagle's Rock II, with the original Eagle's Rock being an Astral Order base from 2018. The base lasted a good four months until it was griefed and had a nice collection of builds. Aside from that, there was nothing oustanding in terms of activity for most of that period. Group activity dwindled a lot in this time, with the discord server becoming quite toxic and focus generally shifting off the server. Around this time as well, Angery Frog and windowsxp4971 would leave the group for a while as well. Relations with Bachi fluctuated a bit in this time as well, but by the end of the year, he based with BSB. In December 2020, the Wuhu Island base was founded and was destroyed around 2—3 months later.


Continuing the trend of inactivity from the previous year, 2021 started off fairly inactive but pretty early on into the year, it saw many notable members join, including CatgirlLizzy (then Kokainer) who has been one of the group's most active members. Those toxic people in the discord server were also banned early on into the year, ushering a much better environment on the discord server. iMems also left the group at the start of the year too, but would come back at around March time and the following April, BSB conducted one of their largest ever griefs with Avalysium. BSB hosted a popular community event in the form of the base "sperg club" in August of 2021 which lasted a couple of weeks and led to more members being recruited into the group.


Throughout 2022 BSB would remain active on the server and throughout the wider community, participating in events and interacting with other groups. 2022 Would be a very profitable year for BSB, as they collected and griefed the coordinates of over 90 bases and stashes across the server, almost half of which were from their newest member Steampunkjax who had started insiding for BSB in early April of 2022. As a trusted member of many groups, Steampunkjax was able to leak and grief with BSB on alt accounts such as h0lly_03 and Queenx0XP without anyone noticing or suspecting him. This continued until he was outed as an insider in very late august and was promoted to Mandem as a result. In the end of 2022, BSB would strengthen their relationship with The Brownmen and would receive access to Brownmen Dupe 3 which would be The Final 1.12.2 Duplication Exploit on 2b2t .




Astral Order conflict

The first ever conflict BSB had with another 2b2t faction, which existed because of the nature in which the group was founded wherein digandbuilder was kicked from the Astral Order for what he believed to be an unfair reason, and iMems left out of rage at how badly he believed the group was lead, mainly due to the actions of jay and Galvatron. All the way up until the Astral Order disbanded in early 2019, BSB was always trying to mess with them.

In December 2018, a player called Ethan5914 (a friend of iMems from the 7th Incursion) found an Astral base and sent coordinates to iMems and Dig. Dig streamed at spawn during which him and a few others, including iMems and Ethan, went there. SteamPunk and DanThePokemario spotted them and reported it to the Astral council but as DanThePokemario was also in the Backstreet Boys. He would be kicked out of the group as a precaution due to having coordinates to their base. DanThePokemario was annoyed at this, so he leaked coords to the group's base which would be griefed at the orders of jay. In retaliation for the Backstreet Boys spawn base getting griefed, iMems, OpWolfy and Cityboss1 griefed the Astral Order's former main base, Lugdunum. The Astral Order would go on for a few months after this until unofficially disbanding due to inactivity caused by the drama.

Emperium conflict

During BSB's rise in popularity and "relevancy" in early 2019, TheDark_Emperor became very worried about the growth in what he originally thought was an "irrelevant" meme group and saw it as a potential threat as they were obtaining coordinates to and griefing several bases at this time. BSB had also griefed the base of a loose ally of theirs, Legion G4MEMODE, which really damaged the possibility of any potential relations with the group. Emperor sent numerous insiders into the group, all of which were failed due to incompetency of the leadership and insiders, with two even being prior members of the Emperium with flimsy excuses as to why they left the group making their insiding attempts fail miserably, the ones who weren't prior members just did a genuine bad job because the Emperium at the time were very desperate for new members.

Nothing really that major happened after this, but that changed after the higher-ups in BSB had some internal drama with BachiBachBach who already was developing close relations far outside the group even with members of the Highland (a group unfriendly with BSB) and this was seen as a perfect opportunity to justify an argument resulting in him leaving and him reforming the 8th incursion into the Infinity Incursion. The Infinity Incursion would develop ties with the Emperium and an alliance of some sorts. The rise in tensions between BSB and Emperium escalated when BSB griefed an Emperium end base and BSB gave the ok to Bachi to give them a meme base of theirs which the Emperium griefed claiming it to be a BSB headquarters when it wasn't, this was done in order for Bachi to gain Emperor's trust a bit more, the very reason why the Emperium wanted to ally with the Infinity Incursion. BSB decided to have some fun and mess around with the Emperium by leaking a iMems' fake dox, which the Emperium believed, and more fake information, which they fell for and got more insiders into the group, even getting the insiders working for them to give the Emperium actual stashes as a way of gaining their trust. Unfortunately the insider who did this defected to the Emperium's side and confessed to their previous allegiance, this also meant that Bachi's position was discovered as well setting BSB back a bit. After this, BSB and Emperium didn't engage in any major drama until the Emperium quietly died.

Lost Nomads conflict

In December 2020, The Lost Nomads would begin building the planned site for the first Lost Nomad Games event around 10k from spawn. During this construction, the site was found by LightningB0lt44 and soon griefed by the group. The group would forgive BSB for doing so and up until March 2021, the two groups had good relations. Many members of BSB would frequently come to the Lost Nomad Games and digandbuilder was given early coordinates to stream multiple events live. In March 2021, Nomad Games III was built and once again, Dig would stream the event live. By accident, he opened up JourneyMap on stream, revealing the coordinates to his viewers, leading to the event being griefed early. He would also accidently set off some TNT for TNT Run. This led SilverEyes100, one of the leaders of the group, to become angry at dig. He would offer a role in his discord to anyone who killed BSB members, including those who attended the event. From this, BSB group would work with frequent griefers of the events (such as oofplux and FencingF to grief their future events.

Notable Griefs

The Monastery

Main Article: The Monastery

The Backstreet Boys found and griefed The Monastery in February 2020, over 7 years after its founding, after stumbling upon the base. Base founder marcus4761 accepted their destruction of the base, saying "They found the base fairly they grief it fairly".


Main Article: X-Topia

The Backstreet Boys griefed X-Topia on February 28, 2020, one day after the base's 1-year anniversary. BSB initially claimed that they had obtained the coordinates through a coord exploit on the base's quadruple spawner, but this was quickly proven not to be the case. The coordinates were leaked to them by an insider of a group chat of where Lord_Mahan had posted the coordinates which he had discovered.


Main Article: Avalysium

The Backstreet Boys griefed Avalysium on April 16, 2021. The coordinates to the base were not obtained through any in-game exploit, curiously enough, but through an IRL scheme; a friend of Avalysium builder Bard had plugged a ratted USB into Bard's computer to gain access to all of his information, including the coordinates of Avalysium. The leaker was later kicked from Backstreet Boys, being regarded as a backstabber who went beyond what was acceptable, even on 2b2t.

Notable Bases

City of Alfheim


Eagle's Rock II


Wuhu Island



This base was started for the soul purpose of being a big beautiful spawnbase within 10k of spawn. Players were encouraged to build their own personalised sections on the mountain, leading a diverse collection of buildings and decorations. The base didn't have a theme and featured several 'meme' builds refering to Jakethasnake52 and BachiBachBach, both of which were involved in drama during the building of the base. The main area was called "sign board square" due to it having multiple sign boards filled with 'real' and obviously fake signs, supposedly written by Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Fit, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby and many other celebrities inside and outside the server. The location was given out in batches first to the most trusted and then added slightly less trusted and so on and so forth. Over time more than fifty players showed up at the base to visit it or build, including invited players from Infinity Incursion, the Guardsmen, the SpawnMasons, Pit Fight, and multiple players that were not invited. The base lasted for 3 weeks until it was griefed by Zetrax and Drathader.

Eagle's Rock III




Inner Circle



Notable Former Members