Backdoors on 2b2t can refer to server backdoors or player backdoors. A server backdoor is when a player or group of players bypass the server's normal operations to gain access to exploits in which players can abuse. There have been three major backdoors in 2b2t's history and one not-so major backdoor, all of which have been patched by Hausemaster. Player backdoors are more common and usually occur with player-made hacked clients, which give developers access to users' data, such as with nhack, Adolf, and Phobos clients.

List of server backdoors

First backdoor

First Backdoor

Backdoor Attempt

Sometime during mid 2012 popbob and x0XP came up with the idea of showing an exploit to Hausemaster involving Minecarts being able to travel infinitely with no rails and at high speed causing both intense lag and world generation. With this exploit they decided to create a plugin to fix this and presented it to Hausemaster along with it having the added ability for the plugin to auto update so it could be uploaded to the official Bukkit website as a non-malicious plugin. Hausemaster decided to download the plugin but had another user named Benjojo remove the auto updater from the plugin they had made, Benjojo would then host the original plugin on his own server to later see that popbob and x0XP were in fact trying to backdoor 2b2t once again.

Second Backdoor

Second Backdoor

Third Backdoor

The Third Backdoor was the most severe backdoor to this date and occurred sometime during the end of 2015 and ended in April 2016. The backdoor involved iTristan creating a website backdoor to create illegal items. The backdoor was patched around June 1st. Players either migrated to Constantiam or left the server temporarily during this time to avoid their base getting griefed or compromised. The server would have as little as one or no players online during this time, however this lack of players would only only last a short span of time. The active population had returned to its normal levels around the time of the YouTube video by TheCampingRusher, and subsequently the 4th Incursion.

Cause of server backdoors

The first three backdoors were caused by Hausemaster using player designed plugins to fix issues on the server. These players would add in code to give themselves access to a backdoor of the server once Hause implemented the plugin.

In the case of the fourth backdoor, iTristan was given access to 2b2t's web server which was hosted on the same system as 2b2t's Minecraft server, resulting in direct access to all server files.

List of player backdoors

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