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"Are Incursions really dead because a bald guy said so?"
Approx. JoinedApril 26, 2018
BasesRedrock, Bachi Castle, Black Rock
Alt. Accounts2b2tVagabond
CurrentInfinity Incursion,
PastBackstreet Boys, The Bakery, TeamNoTrees, The Quarantine, Guardsmen

BachiBachBach, more commonly known as just Bachi, is a player that joined in early 2018 who is well known for leading the Infinity Incursion.


2018 26th of April - July

Joined because of AntVenoms: "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy..."

First months of 2b2t, sitting through insane lag and adventuring around in the spawn region, grinding enough supplies to leave spawn

Starting his first temp base: 32k island and his first main base: Redrock

2018 August - October

Joined his first group base called Wolfheim founded by 2015 chatfag CatholicKavanagh after getting his base "Saint Joseph City" griefed. The base involved 4 people: CatholicKavanagh, WaffelSS, Haoma and Bachi.

Joined Jared's 7th Incursion in Mid-October where he met people like iMems, Ethan and 4Pilot (first contact with the discord community)

2018 November - 2019 July

Joined the Backstreet Boys as one of the first major members. Built at every major BSB base over the curse of 9 months.

This includes the following bases: Council Estate, Tescos (Bachi Tower), Morrisons, Alfheim, Recruit Base.

2019 July - early August

Became part of the leadership of the 8th Incursion by jared2013. Later on became the Leader of the 8th Incursion. Jared deleting the 8th Incursion Discord server marked the beginning of the Infinity Incursion.

He also left BSB in that time and leaked one of their bases (pride base) to Emperium - starting the still on going beef between him and iMems.

Started the construction of Bachi Castle.

Started the construction of his solo base Black Rock.

2019 11th of August - til now (last updated: 3rd of January 2021)

Started the Infinity Incursion with the intention of preserving the tradition of incursion like events and having his own major group on 2b2t.

Built at the following ii bases: Spook Base 1-3, Buzzards Bay, Crackhouse, Titan, Permafrost, Taiga Woods, Spook Base 4-5, Aokigahara

2020 19th of May

Got invited by HermeticLock to the Guardsmen and became a Guardsman.

2020 26th of June - 6th of July

Started the 10 day Incursion with the goal of building the 2k Trench Lava Curtain. Finished it after 10 days.

2020 4th of September - 22nd of September

Started Operation 2012 with the goal of creating the Spawn Watercube (490-500 range). Finished it after 18 days.

2020 28th of December - 31st of December

Hosted the II New Years Event, building a 1 Million TnT cube in under 24 hours. (Current 2b2t Record)

Redstoners Video about the event: | DigMC Video about the event:

2021 6th of April

Kicked from the Guardsmen.


  • Filling the 1025 spawn sky range with obsidian - Operation Very Secret[1] (Project Obsidian Sky)
  • Construction of the Spawn Trench Lava Curtain (video by Fit:
  • Construction of the Spawn Watercube (490,500 range) (video by Fit:
  • Construction of the Infinity Incursion Symbol in late 2019, being (at the time) the largest Spawn symbol
  • Assisting The Bakery with chunk bans at spawn (specifically 0,0 and ZiggyBase)
  • Destruction of the Nether highways and ring roads
  • Being the head of all major Spawn projects since the start of Infinity Incursion
  • Being the owner of one of the biggest 2b2t community Discord servers (Infinity Incursion)
  • Holding the record for most TNT placed and detonated on 2b2t, together with II and Brownmen