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"Are Incursions really dead because a bald guy said so?"
JoinedApril 26, 2018
Bases32kIsland, Redrock, Wolfheim, Council Estate, Tescos, Morrisons, Alfheim, Recruit Base, Spook Base 3, Permafrost, Spook Base 4, Havanna, Adamantium, George Harbor, Akibahoods, Spook Base 6, Spook Base 7
TypeProject Leader, Group Leader, Builder
Alternative Accounts2b2tVagabond
PastBackstreet Boys, The Bakery, TeamNoTrees, The Quarantine, Guardsmen, Infinity Incursion

BachiBachBach, more commonly known as just Bachi, is a player who joined in early 2018 who is well known for founding and leading the Infinity Incursion. He led many of the server's largest spawn projects before disbanding the group in August 2021 following controversy.


Bachi joined the server after AntVenom published his video about 2b2t. After setting up two solo bases: 32k Island and Redrock, he would join the base Wolfheim in august. In October he joined jared2013’s Seventh Incursion, which aimed at combatting the French invasion started by the French youtuber FuzeIII. After the incursion he joined the group the Backstreet Boys, basing at bases like the Council Estate, Tescos, Morrisons, Alfheim and Recruit Base. Soon thereafter he joined jared2013’s Eighth Incursion attempt, wich involved creating a water floor at spawn as a response to the Taiwanese invasion. After the incursion failed, Bachi managed to take control of the discord. Even though the discord got removed, Bachi managed to keep the community intact and motivated and started a new group called the Infinity Incursion. The group was dedicated to organizing large scale spawn projects. Around the same time he left BSB after internal disagreements with BSB-leader i-Mems among others, and leaked their base Pride Base to The Emperium. In 2020 and 2021 Bachi and the Infinity Incursion, co-led by Redstoner2b2t, organized multiple spawn projects that gathered a lot of attention and were often covered by Fit. In 2021, Infinity Incursion would disband and Bachi would become a member of the Bookhood.


  1. ‘Operation Very Secret’, also known as Project Obsidian Sky, which involved covering a 2k by 2k region of spawn with an obsidian roof.[1]
  2. Infinity Sky Logo. This project revolved around the construction of a giant sky logo, at the time the biggest one on the server.
  3. Construction of the Spawn Trench Lava Curtain. This project involved the construction of a 4k by 4k lava wall around the spawn.[2]
  4. ‘Operation 2012’, which revolved around the construction of a 1k by 1k watercube around spawn below the obsidian plateau.[3][4] An expansion to the cube was underway in 2021 but never finished.
  5. The new year’s eve 1 million TNT Cube project. This project involved the detonation of over 1 million blocks of TNT, at the time beating the record for most TNT lightened at the same time.[5][6]
  6. ‘Operation Secret Void’, which involved blowing up the nether spawn region with over 5 million tnt.[7][8]

Besides these mayor projects the group was also involved with The Bakery, reperations of lava walls and the destruction of nether highways. The group also set up multiple bases, including Spook Base 3, Permafrost, Spook Base 4, Havanna and George Harbor, partly under the leadership of a short lived building division. In may 2020 Bachi was also invited by HermeticLock to join the Guardsmen.


Despite major accomplishments, Bachi has also been involved in multiple controversies, mostly surrounding his conduct around underage players. It resulted in his expulsion from the Guardsmen in April 2021. Bachi was also spotted watching animated porn in his private voice chat with multiple players, including minors. In August, an old book signed and likely written by Bachi called 'to Jack' resurfaced, in which he spoke of his desire to perform sexual acts on a minor. Bachi openly regretted some of the acts and implemented a strict policy where joking about pedophilia or mentioning the incidents in his discord server would lead to a ban. It led to multiple people leaving the server or getting banned, including large sections of the group's PVP division. Soon thereafter player Pyruuu also leaked the group's main base, leading to its destruction. Bachi decided to end the Infinity Incursion on August 22, 2021 formally because he was going to university and wouldn't have much time for big Spawn projects. He would eventually leave the community fully in 2023.