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"Wait, is that an end crystal?" - Fit, shortly before being blown up by Babbaj
Joinedmid/late 2015
BasesOlympus, Omega City, The Autumn Drain, Rat House, Sky Masons, Corner Base, Spawn Migration, Acheron, Imperator's base 2
GriefsDonFuer 10, Point Nemo, Point Dory, Toro's Theater, Space Valkyria 3 V2
CurrentNerds Inc, SpawnMasons
PastTeam Veteran

Babbaj (aka Babba) is a programmer that is a member of Nerds Inc and Spawnmasons. He pioneered Crystal PvP, contributed to the development of Nocom, and helped to grief bases including Space Valkyria 3 V2 and Point Dory.


Early History

Babbaj (then under the username Babbaj20) joined 2b2t in late 2015. He based at Olympus and befriended many other active players at the time, such as Fit and jared2013. After TheCampingRusher joined 2b2t, Babbaj was featured in a variety of Fit's videos about Team Veteran, which resulted in him becoming much more well-known among the rushers.[1][2] Babbaj also initially served to popularize Crystal PvP, by pvping in spawn and giving them to new players in spawn for the Veteran Bounty List.[3]


Babbaj participated in a variety of base griefs in late 2016, such as DonFuer 10. In early 2017, he used Elytrafly to fly to the +X Border under bedrock to grief Point Nemo with Chunkr. He became a member of the Spawnmasons soon thereafter, and then Omega City after finding it with other members of the group. While in the Spawnmasons, he participated at most of the group's bases, and also contributed to builds at The Autumn Drain (with a lodge humorously 'clogging the drain' built alongside leijurv and 0x22) and Sky Masons (with the construction of the Babbaj Ghast with Joey_Coconut). He also contributed significantly to the Spawnmasons' proxy software which kept the base secure through remapping bedrock, only rendering chunks in a set area, and a variety of other measures.

Nerds Inc

Babbaj became a member of Nerds Inc through his friendship with other members of the group. He participated in a variety of the group's activities throughout his time as a member, such as contributing to the discovery and development of Nocom, basing at Imperator's Base 2, and griefing Space Valkyria 3 V2. During early phases of the mass-theft of nocommed stashes, Babbaj used the account JewishBanker to steal exploited players' items, which led to a widespread meme of jokingly asking 'Who is JewishBanker and why is he at my base?'