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InhabitantsNoah3j, Carlll_, CirocDrip, Marcus4761, Xapamaa, Blocker, Arbiter2b2t, BGP, CAEC64, Redstoner2b2t, Pat_The_Wizard, ____Nexo____, TimeRapier, Lil_Remains666, Z00000000000000M, Zedu, SpicyBigDaddy, d3z, Sky4, IronException, Bard, Joey_Coconut, Univercius, Connor16892, p_f, Lifeisgood72, Forceken
LocationX:-7,100,000 Z:3,380,000
StartedOctober 22, 2020
GriefedApril 16, 2021
GriefersBackstreet Boys
World download
LinkAvailable on The Archive

Avalysium (pronounced /æ.və.ˈli.zi.əm/ or /eɪ.və.ˈli.zi.əm/ was a base founded in August 2020 as a result of a merge between the two building groups Avalonia and Elysium. It was griefed on April 16, 2021, by the Backstreet Boys.



The leaders of both groups, Noah3j and Carlll_ met when Carlll_ caught Noah3j stealing one of Elysium II's stashes after it was compromised. Despite the fairly awkward and tense initial interactions, they grew to be friends, with Noah3j becoming a member of Elysium. They decided to do a joint base with both groups after their current bases were destroyed. Avalonia and Elysium III were both griefed shortly thereafter.


Starting on August 16, 2020, the Avalysium group was formed out of the majority of the members from Avalonia and Elysium. A voting system similar to Avalonia was established. It was led by co-leaders Carlll_ and Noah3j. The base banner was created as a combination of the designs of the Avalonian and Elysian banners, with the base colors being white and pink. The merger had problems, initially. Two members, DrBeardStash and Ionar, secretly disliked Elysium but hid their feelings from the rest of the group in hopes of gaining a dupe that they knew Redstoner2b2t had. Ionar later reverse-engineered the dupe, and released it to the public in Pyro Client. As a result, the dupe became known to the public as the Pyro Dupe. After Ionar and DrBeardStash found the dupe, they left the group. The other base members discovered that they planned to grief the base. The base and all supplies were relocated before Ionar or DrBeardStash could act. With the supplies and new location, building started on 10/22/20 when Marcus4761 arrived at the new location.

Start of the Second Location

The first project at the new location was a large-scale terraforming operation. Marcus4761, Blocker, and CirocDrip were tasked with flattening a large portion of the central island in order to place builds there more easily. The storage hall was constructed, which could hold up to approximately 2,400 double chests of items. The hall was surrounded by circular roads lined with custom foliage designed by Xapamaa. A district on the southwest side of the central island was started with the self-stated theme of 'Amsterdam'. As the weeks went by, the number of accounts arriving at the base grew. Shared base accounts were set up so users could play at the base without having to buy priority queue.

An Unexpected Visitor

Carlll_ inadvertantly streamed his Minecraft client in a semi-public discord voice chat using a waypoints mod that displayed the direction and distance the center of the storage hall was away from his location. A player watching in the channel, Univercius, recognizing the waypoint could lead to a major base, recorded his stream at spawn and used the footage to triangulate a location within 5000 blocks of the base's location. Ironically, it was Carlll_ that explained to him the math to triangulate coordinates in the first place. To the relief of the members, Univercius chose to stay and not leak the base, thus becoming a base member.

IronException also joined the group at this time. One night, while most accounts were at the dupe stash, Hausemaster removed priority queue from every single account online at the base. After inspecting the area where all the priority queue removals happened and attempting to communicate with who he thought was 'Hausemaster', Blocker's priority queue was also removed. Members concluded that the items moving throughout the storage system sorter lagging the server, prompting him to pay the base a "visit". The base accounts' priority queue was later restored.

Continued Construction

____Nexo____ was tasked with designing a Nether hub castle while Noah cleared a large area in the Nether. IronException created a mod that automatically cleared lava source blocks to assist in clearing efforts. Building the castle largely by himself, Noah3j was about to take a break from the project until Connor16892 came. The two were able to grind and finish in less than 48 hours with some help from CirocDrip. The infrastructure then started underneath the castle to include a Nether road system. Tunnels designed by Noah3j, IronException, and Sky4 were created that extended 1k blocks in each cardinal direction. With the main focus shifting back to the overworld, Marcus4761 and Connor16892 built a town south of the pyramid with a plaza, obelisks, and a large Greek temple. Marcus made the same iron pyramid that he made at Avalonia and The Monastery. Carlll_ began a largescale volcano terraform on an island southwest of the base. Another unfinished build was the Grand Central Station, which Noah3j had been working on for several months. With major help from Connor16892, Xapamaa, CirocDrip, and Blocker, the station was nearly complete before the base was griefed.


On April 16, 2021, Backstreet Boys griefed Avalysium, after spending several days tunneling to the base. They were given coordinates by odpay, after he got them from bard. In the popularized version of the story fabricated by iMems and spread by Fit, odpay secretly ratted bard's computer by plugging a USB stick into it in order to obtain bard's personal information including: his discord tokens, minecraft account information, etc. What actually happened was far simpler. Bard had logged into his discord account on a computer owned by odpay and had not logged out. Odpay had gone through the Avalysium bard's discord account and had gotten the coordinates from there.



The name "Avalysium" originated with the merging of the names Avalonia and Elysium:

  • Avalonia, being a builder group, with their large principle base, "Avalonia."
  • Elysium, also a builder group, with several bases known as "Elysium."


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