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Avalonia was a large base started in March 2019 by the group The Avalonian Republic.


The base was started soon after the founding of the Avalonian Republic by Noah3j, TimeRapier, and Rex1258. They had started on the server recently and met with members of The White Lotus Society: elijah204, Pat_The_Wizard, and Arbiter6652. They decided to merge groups, and right after took in the Monastery Members Marcus4761 and Xapamaa after their base had just been griefed. They abandoned the temporary base they had been building at, called Andromeda, and started searching for a new location for a bigger and grander base.

A huge island was found and plans rough plans were drawn up with a central placement and focus on a city being built with a canal running through it splitting it in half. As members began to arrive, care was taken to flatten the entire area and burn all trees and building the roads first before the building to better plan out the city. Supplies were mostly brought by Noah3j and later member DrBeardstash through the current end portal donkey dupe, and later using an automated ice donkey dupe.