Astral Order

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Astral Order
Banner icon for the Order
FoundedDecember 20, 2017
DisbandmentMid-March 2019
Members~30 at peak
Leaderjay_monroe, LordGalvatronMC

The Astral Order was a building group that was dedicated towards providing a decent community. It gained a notable reputation as being a decent group on the server until its fall due to internal division amongst its council and the acts of jay_monroe following his demotion.

"The Astral Order is a community of friends focused on build projects, adventuring, the promotion of good will, encourages respect for all, and welcomes those who seek a genuine community on 2b2t."

- From the Fundamental Beliefs section of the Astral Order Constitution


After the collapse of The Church of Eden, The Astral Order was founded December 20th of 2017 by jay_monroe and LordGalvatronMC with the help of SuperViperman, hoodtree, FronkTheHuman, Giganox, and FreefieldMaster, forming the initial Council.

Early Days

They would invite former church members and base / continue construction at the main base initially founded under Eden, Malachor. At the time the group had the name Ordo Aurora (Latin for Order of the Dawn) but would later change it due to some reasonable objections by Team Rainbow who they had been communicating with at the time. SuperViperMan, holding residual feelings over the fall of Eden, would leave the group around Dec 29th. Hanguken would be promoted in his place The group was fairly inactive consisting mostly of the council and a few lower ranks. Disagreement over how to handle this inactivity would cause some mild amounts of heated debate to occur. Eventually agreeing to formalize the group constitution before any recruitment attempts were made. Shortly before the group joined the UGE(United Group Embassy), Astral would drop its alliance with inferno/infrared due to the ongoing conflict between Inferno and Emperium with Astral having a neutral policy to such things. Group activity stayed about the same despite growth due to joining/participating in the UGE and multiple recruiting attempts, until about mid-February. During this time Hanguken would be demoted due to inactivity and Ghost promoted in his place.

Griefing of Malachor

By this time, SuperViperMan had rejoined the group at the lowest rank and earned a promotion. However, FronkTheHuman was against this due to being agitated about him leaving before. Eventually it got to the point where around Feb. 18 2018 Fronk took these frustrations out on Viper by demoting him and arguing with his fellow council members resulting in his demotion. Following which Viper was promoted in his stead due to the current rules of needing a full council. Fronk then left the order and leaked Malachor, which led to it being griefed by Retronautx, IHackedWalmart, and Armorsmith using 1 shulker of TNT and lavacasting. Arriving at the ruins of the base, LordGalvatronMC and jay_monroe proceeded to tear down the remains collecting the blocks and leaving nothing but a crater.

Mon-dunum Days

A picturesque view of Lugdunum at night. Only part of the archipelago is visible in this image.

After the griefing of Malachor, jay_monroe, LordGalvatronMC, and SuperViperMan would move to a new area and found a new base dubbed The Monastery. Freefieldmaster would show up about 3 days later. The Council being tired with the inactivity ordered the lower ranks make their way to The Monastery. Notable members to show included ERN5T_G, zapara, tenderhart, cornflakesnake, Stadhouder, iMems, and Ghost. The Monastery grew to be a fairly large base focused on more quality builds and activity grew fairly with a new constitution drafted after Fronk deleted the old one due to him originally owning the Google Document. Gradually, activity at The Monastery would dwindle during which Giganox and Stadhouder would go on to found a new base dubbed Lugdunum. Lugdunum, though smaller than The Monastery, was more industrialized and featured a much more rustic aesthetic. After the Monastery was slowly abandoned in favor of a new main base at the behest of Council. During this time the group experienced a massive spike in applicants and growth with some notable recruits being Zel0sgaming, UniaTQ, digandbuilder, Witblue, and S46. This would result in new policies being made to adjust to this rapid growth, such as a longer entry process. Also, during this time FreefieldMaster and Ghost would be demoted for inactivity, hoodtree resigning due to inability to participate with iMems and Stadhouder being promoted to Council. Around April 1st 2018 SuperViperMan would be demoted from Council due to a multitude of reasons but the trigger being an April Fools' joke involving him changing all the names of the Discord roles, channels, categories, and members. Furthermore, during this time jay_monroe with support from the majority of Council would acquire the Astral Lord rank which at the time was a temporary dictator role used for emergencies. His reasoning being the seeming inactivity at the time of his ascension, though this in part may have been due to the amount of Europeans in the groups which were typically on when the American members were not. This would cause tension between jay_monroe and iMems who was opposed to it. iMems would briefly leave but soon come back with no punishment.

Eagle-Hearth Days & Drama

As Lugdunum continued to gradually increase in its ambitious projects the base activity level deteriorated slowly to the point it was gradually abandoned. This occurred due to a shift in focus from making main bases and dubbed “capitals” for the group to bases where all could join including the Meteorites (recruits) The first of these bases was a spawnbase, dubbed Eagles Rock, built mainly by Stadhouder, iMems, Witblue, and digandbuilder. Though it would be gradually abandoned as well as the participants moved on to a new base dubbed Emona.

The base would gradually grow, being built by the likes of Stadhouder, iMems, digandbuilder, etc. Around June 23, 2018 Eagles Rock would be leaked publicly by Quj and then later griefed.

It would later be found that this was due to Witblue inviting HaxxorElite to the base who then brought Quj unbeknownst to Witblue. After a tribunal of sorts Witblue would be kicked from the Order. After this The group would move to a base called Darkstone founded during the early days by iMems and LordGalvatronMC as a simple outpost and forgotten about after the griefing of Malachor. The base would not last long however due to being right on a horse tunnel off a highway and the portal right next to the base. After Darkstones destruction the residents would move to a new site dubbed Nazarick. Nazarick would be the most populated base the order would have hosting around 22 members such as: yowild, KangarooBandit, Spider, Zega1234, LordKai1, Roland, and so on. The base itself would be very unorganized with no real theme or planning to the builds. It would later be griefed when it was accidentally leaked by LordKai1 due to him sharing an uncropped image of his mapart thus showing the terrain allowing it to be coordinate exploited. Following this a new base would be founded by jay_monroe dubbed Pinehearth. Pinehearth being the exact opposite of Nazarick featured a mandatory theme with plots of limited space to build and a block palate. Any builds out of style were torn down. During this time period there was a lot of internal drama mainly involving jay_monroe, LordGalvatronMC, iMems, and to a lesser extent digandbuilder. jay_monroe LordGalvatronMC and iMems (jay and galv vs iMems) would argue over policy differences often and the debates getting quite heated. One such debate would last for 3 hours. jay_monroe and LordGalvatronMC were also not terribly fond of iMems and digandbuilder's behavior. At the time due to the obvious tension digandbuilder resorted to acting more toxic as stated by him. During this time also the group decied to attempt to inside a forming group called the Democratic Republic of 2b2t founded by Gambino with the goal of shaping it into a “pro astral group” and then releasing it on its merry way. This however would be halted after diganbuilder posted a screenshot of the announcement channel showing where Council had been telling members to vote for certain individuals (mainly other astral members.) This invited a very angrily worded and hastily made announcement by jay_monroe which would be deleted by iMems who posted an announcement better explaining it. Things would spiral downhill starting with dig posting the link to Astral’s public Discord telling everyone to spam #JusticeForDigMC which iMems participated in much to the annoyance/irritation of LordGalvatronMC. The raid would be cleared up after most participants were banned and many /purges used. Following this a heated VC argument would ensue over this and a multitude of other issues. This would result in iMems leaving, much to the disappointment of digandbuilder and other members and the relief of some others. digandbuilder would later be kicked from the order due to the aforementioned drama. They would both have a brief stint in the private Discord at a guest rank until being removed for toxic behavior.

Final Days & Stagnancy

Following this the group would experience a stagnancy. Lots of inactivity in game and in Discord, growing number of applicants but nobody able to interview them due to inactivity or timezone differences, and a general loss of moral. Eventually Pinehearth would be abandoned following a prank by iMems and digandbuilder in which they placed a few signs around the base and built a swastika. Though no major damage was done due to the fact that it was unknown that they were the culprits at the time and Pinehearth was for most part abandoned already the group would move on to other things. Following Pinehearth, LordGalvatronMC would found a base on a Mushroom Island biome in the millions getting a handful of people to come to it. This base would be abandoned due to complaints of it being too far out, notably by jay_monroe and JudySmall. Following this jay_monroe would found another base planned to be styled somewhat after Erebor and in a dwarven theme. Though progress on it was slow due to jay_monroe being the self-appointed "head architect" of the base combined with the fact he wasn't in game often.

Beefytown & Jay drama

A picture of the front of Beefy Town with Astral stained glass design taken a day before the grief.

Around this time LordKai1 would also start the repair/renovation project at the 2015 base of Beefytown inviting a few people there. The low amount of in game activity coupled with the ever-growing stagnancy, LordGalvatronMC in talking with Stadhouder decided to put a vote up to have everyone move to Beefytown. This vote would pass though jay_monroe would very begrudgingly agree to it and complain in VC nearly the entire time he was traveling to Beefytown. Beefytown would florish as a repair project for a while until it was later griefed by iMems, digandbuilder, Ethan5419, and Opwolfy. They would be able to do this due to iMems having an alt in the Discord by the name of oske which LordGalvatronMC had interviewed. Though his story getting in would quickly fall apart as some suspicion had already been raised by DanThePokemario shortly after he got in. Following the grief a large amount of drama would occur mainly involving jay_monroe. DanThePokemario had posted the coords of the Christmas base belonging to iMems' group, The Backstreet Boys (BsB). Initially nothing would be done with them as griefing and such was against astral principles. Later though jay_monroe would go on to order DanThePokemario, SolarTheWolfTSP, and JudySmall to grief the BsB Christmas base. He would do this without consulting any other Council members. Following this an argument would ensue amongst the Celestium of the group due to the disagreement on whether it was justified or against astral principles. Later that day jay_monroe would block LordGalvatronMC for seemingly no reason, delete any new msgs sent in the public or private Discord, change his Discord nickname to "Jay The Forlorn" ,and proceed to rant to sjoerd in anger and sadness about how iMems had "won." This would all be due to the fact jay_monroe was suffering from a mental meltdown. His unpredictable state of mind worried many Celestium who called for him to be demoted. This coupled with his abusive actions resulted in his near unanimous temporary demotion with 4 in favor none opposed, Stadhouder the only one not voting. Before his demotion jay_monroe would abdicate the position of Astral Lord due to LordGalvatronMC pointing out how his position had allowed him to gain considerable influence and as such make executive calls without a Council vote which played a part in the resent drama. After his demotion jay_monroe would go on to threaten to leave the group in DMs with LordGalvatronMC due to his inability to "handle the shame of it." This up and down behavior would continue for 2 weeks meanwhile LordGalvatronMC, cube_root, Zel0sgaming, Stadhouder, and Giganox would be dealing with the fallout of the Beefytown drama. About 2 weeks after his demotion jay_monroe would suddenly begin a rant at LordGalvatronMC in dms which would last 3 hours with the last part of it ending in the 2 friends arguing and LordGalvatronMC ending it telling jay_monroe "Do what He needs to just get his shit together because he just wants his friend back." (Summary) Following this jay_monroe would not speak to LordGalvatronMC for a week, no dms, going silent if they were in VC alone, etc. However, this would break on Jan. 12 when LordGalvatronMC and several Celestium were having a discussion on creating a permanent base. jay_monroe would gradually turn it into mini rant about LordGalvatronMC until LordKai1 intervened telling him that whatever beef he had doesn't belong here and that he ruined the discussion taking place. jay_monroe would then leave, dming LordGalvatronMC "we aren't friends by the way" and would create a Discord which would later become The Astral Republic. Following his departure group activity would sharply decline and gradually grind to a halt despite efforts by LordGalvatronMC. Four days after jay_monroe's departure, Giganox would resign and LordKai1 would be promoted to Council. A new repair project would be established around this time though it would later be griefed. Following this an outpost later dubbed "Fort Astral" would be established by LordGalvatronMC, who invited those active from the previous repair project. It would be gradually abandoned. The Astral Order would be unofficially disbanded around mid-March with the Discord having nearly 0 activity.


On August 22nd of 2021, LordGalvatronMC and Joey_Coconut founded the Astral Brotherhood as a revival of the Astral Order. They invited builders from a variety of groups, such as the Shortbus Caliphate, Builders Haven Remastered, Donfuer, Infinity Incursion, Guardsmen, and Astral Order as the initial members. They continued many policies of the Astral Order, such as its structure, although many aspects were reformed with the aim of lessening potential drama.

Drama and Events

Democratic Republic of 2b2t drama

Approximately Sep 1, 2018, Astral would begin the process of insiding the fledging group known as The Democratic Republic of 2b2t (DRS), founded by Gambino, with the goal of shaping it to be a "Pro Astral" group then letting it go on its merry way with a small shadow government in charge. This project would be headed by Joey_Coconut and LordGalvatronMC. They would succeed in taking advantage of the democratic aspect of the group by getting various Astral members elected into different branches of leadership. After which Gambino would be deposed and kicked from his own group due to the conflicting views he had and some minor drama stirring. The project would be abandoned after digandbuilder posted a screenshot of the announcements made in the Astral Discord to vote for Astral members, who were running for election. The DRS would later perish due to lack of activity and WomenAreObjects raiding the Discord.


  • Malachor - Founded Approx. December 9th 2017 by LordGalvatronMC and jay_monroe as a Church of Eden base. It would become an Astral base following Eden's disbanding and Astral's formation. It would be griefed on Feburary 18th 2018 by Retronautx, IHackedWalmart, and Armorsmith due to FronkTheHuman leaking its coordinates out of anger over his demotion.
  • The Monastery - Founded Approx. Feburary 19th 2018 by LordGalvatronMC, jay_monroe, and SuperViperMan after the destruction of Malachor. It would serve as a central base to regroup at until Lugdunum was later founded.
  • Lugdunum - Founded Approx. April 13th 2018 by Giganox and Stadhouder, Lugdunum would server as Astral’s main base until gradually being abandoned in favor of bases more inclusive to the newer members. It would be griefed by The Backstreet Boys of 2b2t during the Beefytown drama.
  • Eagles Rock - Founded Approx. June 23 2018 by Stadhouder, Imems, and digandbuilder, it would be built closer to spawn on older terrain near chunk borders. It would be leaked publicly by Quj and then later griefed.
  • Darkstone - Founded Approx. February 8th 2018 as a simple outpost for LordGalvatronMC and Imems to meet up at. It would be forgotten until sometime in August 2018 following the destruction of Eagles Rock. The base would last approximately a week after being found due to its obvious location.
  • Nazarick - Founded by LordGalvatronMC sometime in August after the destruction of Darkstone. The base would be the most populated Astral base to date having 22 active members. It would be griefed after LordKai1 accidentally shared a screenshot of his mapart with the terrain, allowing the base to be coordinate exploited.
  • Pinehearth - Founded by jay_monroe after the destruction of Nazarick. The base would feature a plot system, enforced theme and build palette. It would be abandoned after Imems and digandbuilder showed up to place random stuff around thus scaring off the members.
  • Astral-Society Collab Base - Created as a joint base between Astral Order and The Society, it would be gradually abandoned due to the ongoing drama and stagnancy within Astral
  • Beefytown - A base founded in 2015, it would be repaired/renovated under the leadership of LordKai1. The base would be griefed by BSB catalyzing issues already existing within Astral resulting in jay's departure and coup of LordGalvatronMC


The Astral Order is run via a Council system who lead and manage the group

Astral Order's Banner
  • Astral Lord - A honorary title given to a Council member via election, they act as a ceremonial figurehead
  • Astral Council - The Astral Council is the leadership of the Astral Order which makes group decisions through voting.
  • Celestial Emissary - The Celestial Emissary are Celestium who are voted in by their peers to help Council in certian task such as interviews, the role was honorary for the most part though.
  • Celestium - Celestium is the main member rank of Astral. They mostly manage lower ranks and participate in group projects. Though they are unable to vote, their opinion is valued.
  • Meteorites - Individuals who pass an initial interview process who participate in group build projects.
  • Solarium - a member rank above Lunarium that would be deleted following reforms
  • Lunarium - a member rank above Meteorite that would be deleted following reforms
  • Pluto - a honorary role given to allies that would be deleted in reforms

Notable Members

The following is a list of members that made notable contributions, good or bad, to the Astral Order's history. It also includes their highest attained rank in parentheses.

  • FronkTheHuman (Council)
  • Ghost (Council)

Inter-Group Relations

The Society : Friendly/Collaborators

VoCo : Neutral

Emperium : Neutral

Highland : Neutral

Last Templar : Neutral

SpawnMasons : Neutral

Exodus : Neutral

The Backstreet Boys: Astral would view The Backstreet Boys as neutral despite BSB having a so-called "war" ongoing with them. During the Beefytown drama both groups would grief a couple bases of each others.