Asgard I

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Asgard I
Asgard I (1).jpg
Screenshot by Mrx of Asgard I mountain
TypeMountain base
Builder(s)Sato86, passie05, Offtopia, xcc2
CoordinatesX: 254119 Y: 67 Z: -146181

Asgard I, originally named Asgard, was a Valkyrian base originally planned by Sato86 in anticipation for the 1.7 Minecraft update sometime in 2013. The base was never completed and later abandoned due to popbob's discovery of the base. It is the predecessor of Asgard II and was retroactively named Asgard I.

Castle built at the base of the mountain with the Valkyrian Eagle
Tower most likely built by Offtopia


Asgard I was initially planned to be built on a mountain that was deemed as "the best terrain ever found on 2b2t" by Sato86. Sato86 later invited xcc2, Offtopia, and passie05 to help construct the base and had high hopes for the build. However, the base was not to be as popbob had managed to find the coordinates by using the thunderhack exploit, or at least coordinates on a different quadrant. This lead to the group to later abandon the base, and Sato86 quit for several months afterwards. The base seemed to be intact in 2015, as shown by screenshots by the player Mrx. When Asgard II was created, the base was retroactively named Asgard I.