Armorsmith's Followers

Armorsmith's Followers is a 2b2t group with the goal to worship Armorsmith, the group's leader, as an "eternal god". The group was founded on December 22, 2017.

Armorsmith's Followers
The Hammer And Sickle of Armorsmith.
Anthem: Wide is my Armorland
FoundedDecember 22, 2017
Members~3,500 Discord members, ~330 roled members, ~20 active
BasesMultiple Bases


The logo of Armorsmith's Followers is hammer and sickle. The design of the logo made by Armorsmith.


Anthem of Armorsmith's Followers is Wide is my Armorland. Wide is my Armorland (Russian: Широк мой Арморлэнд tr. Shirok moy armorlend) is the anthem of Armorsmith's Followers. The anthem is based on the Soviet patriotic song "Wide is my motherland". The original music was composed by Isaac Dunaevsky and the words were written by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, but edited by the leader-founder of the group Armorsmith on July 2018 as a way to improve the propaganda for his group. It's also anthem of Armorstate, "country" created by Armorsmith's Followers.


The Valley of Armorsmith on the -4444 Highway

Armorsmith is a famous lagfag and shitposter. One day, he talked with a player named uglykids and suggested the idea of a group worshipping him. He wanted to call this faction "The Soviet Reunion". Due to the lack of time, he couldn't create this faction. But he did design a symbol for it, the hammer and sickle.

Armorsmith would then use this symbol in every single base/ build he made, including the Armorland End corner base, and his Carolina lag machine series.[1][2]

A few months later, Armorsmith would team up with househousehouse1 and P529 to create his third major lag machine and ruin Christmas. While building the lag machine, on December 22 2017 he decided that it was time to finally create a Discord server of players who will worship him. He invited all kinds of players to the group. It was the first group on 2b2t to worship a person.

Some of the elite members of the group, who showed their dedication, were trusted by Armorsmith. These players were invited to special group bases. A unique example of such a group base is 200 150. This base was constructed just less than 200 blocks away from 0,0 and it lasted for 4 months.[3] It was built below a lavacast and was griefed later on by the SpawnMasons, who held a meeting inside. FPS lagging, which was the earliest form of chunk banning, was brought to 2b2t by Armorsmith's Followers after the grief of their Spawn base, and so were the massive lava casts at the End Spawn.

The group made an outpost on the April 1st map of 2018. During the AntVenom invasion, the group grew exponentially, and tens of players who joined built their own Armorsmith bases, hoping to receive some of the unique items the group had access to. It was during this era that the hammer and sickle was spammed all over Spawn, and chat was flooded with Armorsmith propaganda thanks to the group's bots. The group also opened a website and a merchandise store. Armorsmith map art was made as well. Metrez, who was a group member, discovered one of the first Donkey dupes in 2018.

In late 2018, The group decided to leave its mark at Spawn by building the Wrath of Armorsmith. IHackedWalmart would supply the builders with ender chests, while Metrez and Pheanom worked on the Wrath. This became their new HQ. The wrath had blocks mined from the original Wrath Outpost.[4] It was finished in 2018 and griefed throughout the Sixth Incursion by Incursion members following a battle at the Great Spawn Wall.

The idea of a "Democratic Country" with an anthem and a president was attractive to some new players, and through the name of Armorstate, the faction could obtain more members. They built larger bases as time went by, including Space 2k2k, a large base at the End Dimension's coordinates of 2k2k. Players from the Peacekeepers and Infrared Republic found refuge in Armorsmith's Followers.

In 2018 the group built the first Spawn Sky Symbol, a concept that was applied by other factions such as the SpawnMasons and the Emperium.[5] In 2019 several bases were built such as Hellsmith in the nether and Armorpark.[6][7] One of the most notable 2018 landmarks by Armorsmith's Followers was the Valley of Armorsmith, that had tens of thousands of hammers and sickles in it, an amount that would even rival the number of VoCo vortex logos at Spawn.[8] The group also built a base at the coordinates that appear on the MOTD of 2b2t which was named the MOTD palace.

The group would continue to build more bases in 2021. Armorsmith decided to send his members to try to takeover the Terminal Base and make it the official recruitment base of the group.[9] After failing & griefing the base, the group proceeded with rebuilding the ruins of an old base farther away from Spawn and expanding it. They gave it the name "Unnamed Base", and it contained several unique structures including a special version of the Drain within the base as well as pixel arts featuring the logos of international luxury brands such as "Louis Vuitton" and "Gucci". It also had several glitched nether portals.[10]

In late 2021 the group released a method to lag 2b2t through Operation Black Hole, an effort to priority strip players by making them enter unescapable chunks with falling sand that caused the server to crash whenever someone loaded it.

Community Projects

Armorsmith Spawn Sanctuary

The AntVenom invasion brought hundreds of players to the group, making it one of the largest on 2b2t. Ever since the group's creation, they were involved in community drama and were directly responsible for server events. The group griefed the first base of the Astral Order. The group would create their own subreddit, merch shirts, social media accounts, a skin and other branches, such as the OG Names of 2b2t group run by Armorsmith and Caviyaz. This resulted in many signed books by OG accounts being spread around the server. The group would also declare the independence of a new country on 2b2t with the name of Armorstate, giving their members a feeling of democracy. A president used to be elected once every 6 months to run the group, however, his authorities were limited.

Armorsmith Map Art by RusherFag

The group served as an enemy of the 6th incursion while they were building the Great Spawn Wall, they killed members of the incursion at spawn and they spammed thousands of withers on the wall. Their efforts heavily damaged the effectiveness of the wall in keeping new players trapped at spawn. This resulted in the first Anti-Incursion movement on 2b2t. Armorsmith himself would make Fit combat log in one of their battles. During the 7th Incursion, the group mainly focused on attacking its trench crew, resulting in the deaths of many players from the Incursion and the complete failure of the lava wall.

Many projects by the group resulted in the creations of several factions. In 2019, Armorsmith brought chezhead back to 2b2t in an attempt to create a union of factions under his leadership. This plan failed but the outcome was the revival of the Facepunch Republic. Another notable example is the attempt to control several groups in the excuse of a fake Incursion to construct a water cube. Armorsmith used jared2013 to create an "8th Incursion".[11] This Incursion resulted in the creation of the Infinity Incursion.

In 2019, thanks to one of the leaders of the group, the YouTuber Big Man Tyrone, Armorsmith got in contact with the largest content creators in Israel and worked with them on making 2b2t viral in that country. This resulted in an "Israeli Incursion" on 2b2t with its outcome being the foundation of several Israeli PvP groups and the server being popular in Russia thanks to Russian-Israelis who shared content by Israeli YouTubers.

In 2020, Armorsmith's Followers experimented with bedrock breaking methods and improved them to construct a hammer and sickle made out of bedrock at the End Dimension, which was later removed. It allowed the creation of a new faction on 2b2t, the Anti Bedrock Society, which was one of the main forces which contributed to the deletion of the Bedrock Comet at Ziggy Town.

In 2021 Armorsmith revived the Anti Bedrock Society and proceeded with deleting illegaly placed structures on the server with his group.

Since 2019, Armorsmith's Followers has been responsible for the New 2b2t History Timeline, the most successful alternative to Sato86's timeline, which is updated every year. The Armorsmith's Followers Discord server is one of the largest on 2b2t, with over 3500 members and counting, partly due to their role as contributors to the high queue numbers on the server thanks to their collaboration with content creators.


Armorsmith's Followers is a neutral group in its nature, they have no official opinion on any group on 2b2t, and they never bothered to establish positive nor negative relations with other groups, as their sole purpose is to worship Armorsmith.

Despite this, because of their activities within the server, the group was involved in conflicts with almost every single faction in the 2b2t community.