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style= This page might contain autism. You may want to avoid it.

"Hausemaster, want to build a base together? Hausemaster. Hause, Hause... Hause..."

Approx. join date June 2016
Status Active
Known Alts None
Reddit Username(s) TheActualArmorsmith
Current Armorsmith's Followers
Past None
Mental Disabilities
Autisms Asperger Syndrome
Mental Retardation severe

Armorsmith is a known lagfag and chat spammer on 2b2t. He is the leader of Armorsmith's Followers, a religious "cult" movement he made where he declared himself a "god" on 2b2t.

He became known for building lag machines on the server. He also reached the end world border corner by elytra packet flying, lagging the server in the process.

Armorsmith is known to be one of the most, if the not the most, hated player that has ever joined 2b2t and tends to seek relevancy in the community.


Armorsmith joined 2b2t in June 2016. He wasn't active for almost a year, due to the long queue and made wooden huts. He re-joined in the middle of 2017 with the simple goal of making everyone triggered and calling attention to himself. And so he did, by building lag machines. His first lag machine was called "The Valley of Signs", due to the many signs placed due to AutoSign. The lag machine was later destroyed.

He went on to build a second one, Carolina. This lag machine used a method by 2F4U and it was built in times when Hausemaster didn't care much about these builds. Armorsmith would use this lag machine for months, making him hated by almost every player on 2b2t as it would bring decent drops to tps and would be annoying.

When his lag machine got deleted by Hause, Armorsmith decided to become the first player to ever see the world border at the End, and so he went on a journey that lasted an entire week. When he arrived there, he built a base at the end world border corner - Armorland.

Armorsmith would later work on other lag machines and other bases, collecting rare items such as the signs left by ElRichMC and griefing bases and public infrastructure such as highways and map art outposts (the maps were used to create his two museums).

Armorsmith would later declare himself as a "god", and create a meme "cult" group with hundreds of autistic members, that is based on worshipping him. This group would build a lot of bases for Armorsmith, and the dedication of the members is so extreme, that some of them even built entire bases for him. It should be noted that his discord has been advertised outside of 2b2t, and many, if not most, followers of Armorsmith are inactive on 2b2t.