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"Worship Armorsmith Every Day!"
JoinedJune 2016
BasesMultiple Bases
TypeGriefer, Builder, Group Leader, Lagfag, YouTuber
Alternative AccountsAllergy
CurrentArmorsmith's Followers

Armorsmith is a well-known shitposter and lagfag on 2b2t. He is the leader of Armorsmith's Followers, a religious "cult" movement he made where he declared himself a "god" on 2b2t.[1] He initially became known for building lag machines on the server. He also reached the end world border corner by elytra packet flying, lagging the server in the process.[2] Armorsmith is known to be active in many aspects of 2b2t from griefing, to building, to spamming, to shitposting, to assisting YouTubers. Many of his actions have received criticism.


Armorsmith joined 2b2t in June 2016. He wasn't active for almost a year due to the long queue and made wooden huts. He re-joined in the middle of 2017 with the simple goal of calling attention to himself. And so he did, by building lag machines. His first lag machine was called "The Valley of Signs", due to the many signs placed due to AutoSign. The lag machine was later destroyed. He went on to build a second one, Carolina. This lag machine used a method by 2F4U and it was built at a time when Hausemaster didn't care much about these builds. Armorsmith would use this lag machine for months, making him hated by almost every player on 2b2t as it would crash the server and bring TPS down to 0.5 or less.[3]

When his lag machine got deleted by Hause, Armorsmith decided to become the first player to ever see the world border at the End, and so he went on a journey that lasted an entire week. When he arrived there, he built a base at the End world border corner - Armorland.[2] Armorsmith would later work on other lag machines and other bases, collecting rare items such as the signs left by ElRichMC and griefing bases and public infrastructure such as highways and map art outposts (the maps were used to create his two museums). One of the highways he griefed was the Old Spawn Road. At its beginning, he built a structure called the Wrath of Armorsmith, referencing Wrath Outpost.[4]

Cult Foundation

2b2t's Spawn in 2018.
2b2t's Spawn in 2018.
Armorsmith preparing to grief water source blocks in the Nether and his trademark Hammer And Sickle.
Armorsmith preparing to grief water source blocks in the Nether, and his trademark Hammer And Sickle.

Armorsmith would declare himself as a "god", and create a meme "cult" group with hundreds of members, some of which grew to become significant players of the 2b2t community, such as HaxxorElite, Retronaut, quj, Mc_Ren, RusherFag and many others. He was the first player to establish a cult of personality on 2b2t around himself, inspiring others such as Lowdown69 and Solour68, a trend that would later be criticized by Sato86.[5] The group is based on worshipping him as a god and spreading his trademark hammer and sickle logo. This group was responsible for some unique creations such as the first obsidian sky logo and FPS lagging (early form of chunk banning).[6][7] They also built bases such as the MOTD palace, Space 2k2k, The Valley of Armorsmith, and other locations.[8][9][10] One of the most famous members of the group is the YouTuber Big Man Tyrone, who has over 500,000 subscribers and makes regular propaganda content for Armorsmith.[11] Their Discord server is one of the largest on the entire server with thousands of members.[12]

As a group leader, Armorsmith was involved in many community events and changes. He fought against the 6th Incursion and heavily damaged its wall with his group.[13] During his fight with the Incursion he defeated Fit and caused him to combat log.[14] He also attacked ThebesandSound's trench crew in the 7th Incursion preventing the lava wall from being constructed.[15] Some of his failed projects, such as the Facepunch Republic's revival with chezhead and the "8th Incursion" with jared2013, eventually led to the creation of the Facepunch Federation and the Infinity Incursion, respectively.[16][17] Armorsmith's Followers is also responsible for the Anti Bedrock Society, which deleted the last bedrock blocks at the bedrock comet at Ziggy Town after winning the Battle Of Ziggy Town against the Klansmen along with Team WAO.[18] In December of 2020 Armorsmith defeated kingoros in a duel.[19] Armorsmith was also responsible for the grief of the Autumn Drain in December 2020.

YouTube Content

Armorsmith is actively working on making 2b2t go viral on YouTube. He works together with Big Man Tyrone to produce meme videos about the server.[11] He is also known among many Israeli players, as he was the one who brought 2b2t to Israel, by working with Israeli content creators TopStrix (113,000 Subscribers), Tell0 (50,000 Subscribers), and Gal Cohen (122,000 Subscribers).[20][21][22] Some of them made entire playlists on the server under his creative assistance, causing queue numbers to increase. He is also indirectly responsible for making 2b2t go viral in Russia, thanks to Russian-Israelis who watched videos he made and shared them with Russian YouTubers. Recently he began collaborating with Russian YouTubers as well.[23] His actions probably contributed to the current length of the server's queue in addition to other large content creators such as SalC1 and FitMC.


  • Armorsmith's skin is based on the iconic appearance of the main protagonist of the series and the titular One-Punch Man, Saitama.
  • Armorsmith is a huge fan of lavacasting, and he was responsible for several large lavacasts including the 1 Million X+ mountain, the Carolina Memorial staircase lavacast (0 -200 in the End), and other lavacasts.
  • Armorsmith built a museum dedicated to Mapart that exists 2 million blocks away from Armorland, in which the chunks weren't loaded since 2017.
  • Armorsmith toured and griefed the ruins of several old bases such as SquidBase and Swastika Base, before he initially created his group.


"Armorsmith" sign made of Obsidian 1 Million blocks away from Spawn.
"Armorsmith" sign made of Obsidian 1 Million blocks away from Spawn.

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