Aquarius Builders

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The Aquarius is a small mostly undercover group of five that has a few minor builds around the server

The group officially came together in 2018, all the members joining in between 2016-2018

The Official Group List was written up in late 2018 and early 2019

There is no official head of the group, instead there are two major heads that make the groups decisions.

There current most important build is Aquarius I, but plans to further expand are already being realized

The group came together to start larger projects considering many of the players had not accomplished much on their own

Shields of The Builders

The Aquarius Builders Usually carry one of two shields, either the Aquarius Division Shield, Or the Aquarius Base Shield

The Shield Carried By The Aquarius Builders When Doing Non-Base Related Work
The Shield Carried By Aquarius's Senior Officers and is also Issued to Other Members During Base Related Work