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April Fools Maps or temp maps are temporary modifications or maps installed to the serve implemented usually by Hausemaster on April 1st of each year (April Fools) to celebrate it. These maps usually include strange and wacky features to add to memory and are small and confined, which usually leads to large warzones and general widespread chaos and destruction as players fight over the limited space and resources. These maps are not on the regular 2b2t map, and are sometimes made on separate servers, or sometimes on the same one. Hausemaster has done these maps since the start of 2b2t.

List of Maps Throughout the Years

Maps with known description and links to video:

A player on the 1533 Highway during the 2020 Map
Screenshot of spawn taken in the late hours of the 2015 Map
  • 2012 - April Fools 2012 was simply the first. What happened was that Hause would change map every 10 minutes. Hause too mass spawned in mobs just for shits and giggles. Obscure footage here.
  • 2013 - April Fools 2013 was the same as 2012, just that the server spammed nonsensical announcements too.
  • 2014 - The 2014 April Fools map was mainly a war zone due to two groups, known as TOPKEK and WOODSTOCK, being after each other. The normal server featured a notice stating that the server was hacked and deleted and that Hause was doxed, however, this was a joke.
  • 2015 - The 2015 April Fools map was ISIS themed with music and everything. Designed by iTristan
  • 2016 - In the months before the Rusher War, the 2016 map was hosted on a separate server owned by Spartan512.
  • 2017 - This map had several wacky loot tables and chaos. The queue was removed temporarily. Designed by kinorana.
  • 2018 - This map had crazy custom terrain and ore generation. The queue was removed for the span of the couple days it was online and there was an ender dragon spawned in. The first few hours of the sixth incursion started here, as it was confirmed AntVenom's video would be coming within 24 hours. Players from multiple groups banded together and killed the ender dragon.
  • 2019 - Hausemaster starts a temp server running 1.13, in order to test the potential issues the version posed. After deeming 1.13 too unstable, Hausemaster continues to run the server on 1.12.
  • 2020 - Another temp map, this time, explosive fireballs fall from the sky and set fire to everything.