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"aodrael is fucking insane!"
JoinedAugust 22nd 2020
BasesDonfuer 20, Whitehaven (The Order), Carlio, Holy Land.
TypeBuilder, Griefer, Group Leader.
Alternative Accountsaodrael2, aodicus, eul8, richierich2b2t.
CurrentThe Republic, Whistler.
PastDonfuer, Cakemasons, Nova, Sun Knights, The Order.

Aodrael is a player who joined in 2020, known for being the leader of The Order, and is a member of The Republic. He is also a former member of Donfuer, and is credited for creating the Spawn Rangers alongside D_loaded, and was a member of the Cakemasons.


Aodrael originally heard of the server from a friend of his called Sir_Nope. On August 22nd, 2020 he made the Aodrael account, and created the group Unitopia on August 27, 2020. In 2020, Aodrael began a base with Sir_Nope on his eul8 account and joined their group, Nova. After forming Unitopia, Aodrael befriended A32k and CalebBlood, before inviting them to join the group. Later, he joined DonFuer, which was suggested to him by CalebBlood. He talked to D_loaded about sub-group’s, and Aodrael suggested merging Unitopia with DonFuer, they created the Spawn Rangers. Around December 12th, 2020, Aodrael was kicked out of DonFuer due to him causing issues with other members, resulting in the creation of The Order.


Aodrael would get to know Bartolome_Mitre, who was also having problems with Donfuer. Both he and Bartolome_Mitre created an alliance and decided to have The Order create an alliance with The Republic, Aodrael joined Bartolome at Carlio, and built there before it was griefed by 12master a couple months later. The two would later reunite in 2023 at a base, thus restoring their friendship.

During this alliance, Aodrael worked with Bartolome_Mitre and others to grief many of Donfuer's spawnbases and attempted to inside Donfuer as well.


After Kizzycocoa got kicked from Donfuer, he reached out to Aodrael for comment on his experience, leading to Aodrael joining the Cakemasons in 2022. Later, he was removed from the Cakemasons in May of 2023 after a fight with a basemate, he would later leak a base because of their fight with MadCherryBro on Constantiam. Following this, he joined the Sun Knights on July 29, 2023, and later became a full member of the group, but later left due to their differences. He also later rejoined The Republic.



  • Aodrael's username was heavily inspired by the character Raziel from Legacy of Kain.
  • Aodrael was a r/2b2t_Uncensored Mod
  • Aodrael is a voice actor for Republic Radio & was for Commie_
  • Aodrael was one of two who worked to create the now defunct Spawn Ranger's of Donfuer.
  • Aodrael's goat persona/character is his mascot, the goat character is in a lot of his artwork, and what he's most known for.
  • Aodrael was against the name for the Spawn Ranger’s but warmed up to it before leaving Donfuer on December 12th 2020.