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JoinedDecember 12, 2016
PastAntfags/The Ants, Seventh Incursion

AntVenom, also simply referred to as Ant, is a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers. He is most notable on 2b2t for being the reason behind the Sixth Incursion, which took place due to his video about 2b2t uploaded on April 3rd, 2018 called "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy".

The 6th Incursion

The 2b2t community was divided about AntVenom making a 2b2t video. Claims were made that AntVenom's fanbase was more mature than TheCampingRusher's, and would treat the server with a lot more respect. AntVenom himself stated on Reddit that his goal for the video about 2b2t would be more of a history lesson than an actual "COME AND PLAY" series. Ant has stated that causing a rush of new players was not his intent. Several old and midfags actually gave him the thumbs up to make a video or two.
AntVenom's original video on 2b2t, The Face of Minecraft Anarchy, with 1.4 million views.

Torogadude said he expected fans of AntVenom's to come onto the server and be able to create a new era of peace and not be toxic and cancerous like several 2b2t players are. He predicted that the fans of AntVenom might be builders rather than griefers and PKers, like Rusher's fans, and that they would be more capable of escaping spawn and having a presence in the 2b2t community. He claimed that Ant's videos are more technical and talk about knowledgable things about Minecraft compared to Rusher's videos, which are mainly faction videos filled with PvP and action (hence the Rusherfag violence and toxicity).

AntVenom stated that he's "been well aware of the server for quite a while" and decided to recently take a look after Ghost_Rock_'s tweet to him, replying to ImportedSocks being credited to a Minecraft glitch AntVenom covered in a video. AntVenom talked to Hausemaster about the server before joining.

Despite the attention, AntVenom stated he had lost interest in making videos in general and that it comes and goes for him, so he did not make the video during the summer of 2017. However, he came up with the title for it, which was found by the community. The title was "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy". In fact, he commented "Top Tier LULZ" on a fake video made by an impersonator on June 1st, 2017. After this, the Ant anticipation died down.

On April 3rd, 2018, he finally uploaded the long-expected video. He used the original title he came up with, which is more true to the spirit of 2b2t, and was not blatant clickbait like "THE OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT", emphasizing the difference between the demographics of Rusher's and Ant's fanbase. In the video, Ant kept his promise of making more of a history-esque video and an explanation of its wonders and culture rather than a let's play.

To get footage for his video, Ant joined the server, receiving a set of god armor and gapples from an unknown player (he blurred the name). Before the video was even uploaded, the Sixth Incursion was declared by Sato86 and Fit opened Team Veteran up again in anticipation of a fan invasion. Sure enough, the fans began to trickle in and the Sixth Incursion began. The influx was not as large as the Rusher War, despite Ant having double Rusher's subscriber count, therefore not causing a full-scale war. However, the amount of incoming players was not small enough to simply ignore, so the incursion continued. The reason for a smaller influx was possibly because the video was not posted in the summer, intentionally or unintentionally, but if it was it may have caused more traffic to the server as students would be out of school.

Seventh Incursion involvement

Though his contribution was limited, AntVenom did participate in a group voice chat with Seventh Incursion members, giving them some ideas on how to keep the new French players out of spawn. The ideas for the French Frier and lava covered trenches were directly given by AntVenom when he said, to paraphrase, "cover nether spawn in lava, use the underside of the nether roof to place the lava" and "use tnt dupers to dig trenches and fill them will lava from height limit." Unfortunately, due to Minecon Earth 2018 preparations, AntVenom was unable to join the incursion himself.


Due to him being a popular YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers but being more of a mature and classical Minecraft YouTuber, the whole 2b2t community had divided thoughts on him, even before he joined. People were divided on whether to greet him with open arms or to resurrect Team Veteran and create another Rusher War-esc fiasco. Ant, in his video, has acknowledged the fact that the community is divided on his presence. But Ant has tended to show respect to the community and the server itself throughout his focus on 2b2t, which, at the end of the day, made him a more respected figure in the 2b2t community in contrast to TheCampingRusher.

During the 6th Incursion, it was noted that PopularMMOs was spotted on the server and later killed during the Incursion. As Ant knows PopularMMOs personally, since they are both classics and all, Ant was told by MMOs that he wasn't planning to create content on the server, which Ant later stated on a post on the subreddit. By the end of the Incursion, it was found out that PopularMMOs was on the server "just for fun".

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