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The Anti Bedrock Society was a movement founded by Armorsmith's Followers with the goal to destroy the Bedrock Comet at Ziggy Town.

Anti Bedrock Society
StatusDisbanded in 2020, returned to being active in 2021
LeaderArmorsmith (Armorsmith's Followers)
Battle of Ziggy Town


The Bedrock Hammer And Sickle with its builders.
The Bedrock Hammer And Sickle with its builders.


The project started out by experimenting with Bedrock breaking methods in the End Dimension. El_Nigre, RusherFag, Mc_Ren, Buller, MuminPredater, TashNB and BigGirlXOXO contributed at this stage and created a hammer and sickle made out of Bedrock by using an improved version of the Piston bedrock-breaking method. This hammer and sickle would later be destroyed by SkullerG.

After experimenting more and making the bedrock-breaking method public, and with support by players from Team WAO, the Anti Bedrock Society was ready to attack the Bedrock Comet. Back in the day, another group by the name of "The Klansmen" sent its members to attack the comet as well, and they didn't get along with members from the Anti Bedrock Society. The Klansmen sent the Infinity Incursion to kill Armorsmith and Mc_Ren and stop them from destroying the comet. This resulted in a battle over the last bedrock block in the comet which would be known as the "Battle of Ziggy Town".

Many PvPers such as WomenAreObjects, Komilia, Guntherrr, Violonty, and Mc_Ren participated in the battle, which lasted for over 7 hours and resulted in ten deaths on both sides. It was one of the largest fights in the server's history. Eventually, Team WAO emerged victorious and took over the Bedrock Comet, allowing the Anti Bedrock Society to break the last block of Bedrock at the comet.

The Battle of Ziggy Town.
The Battle of Ziggy Town.

After the destruction of the Bedrock Comet, several YouTube videos were published, including some by the YouTubers Big Man Tyrone and TopStrix. The Anti Bedrock Society then attempted to delete the Bedrock Dam but failed once Team WAO betrayed them, leaving them with no means of fighting back against The Klansmen and the Infinity Incursion.

Eventually, Hausemaster patched the bedrock removing method they were using and the group was disbanded.


On August 2021, a year after the initial formation of the Anti Bedrock Society, a new method of breaking bedrock was discovered which used Nether Portals. This caused Armorsmith to return return to 2b2t with the goal of deleting all public illegal landmarks. He destroyed several of these illegal structures, most notably the illegal bedrock at the 1 Million Base. The Anti Bedrock Society also discovered a method that also allowed them to break bedrock in the End. They later proceeded with deleting more illegal bedrock and End portal frames throughout the server in all of the dimensions of Minecraft.

Notable Members

2021 Bedrock Breakers