Anti Watercube Coalition

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Anti Watercube Coalition
FoundedJune 25, 2021
Leaderc0mmie, gh_joey, 8nothing, maksitaxi

The Anti Watercube Coalition, was formed to combat the Infinity Incursion. The Anti-Incursion was founded by c0mmie, gh_joey, 8nothing, and maksitaxi, who over the past year had become enemies with the Infinity Incursion due to various drama that had taken place. The group utilized large obsidian clogs in the watercubes path to prevent creation of watersources, the most effective being Obby Casts - large lava casts that were covered in obsidian.

One of many of the Obby Casts created a spawn

Events Leading to its Creation

  • c0mmie_ is kicked out of the Infinity Incursion (August 2020)
  • Plans for a new II project are leaked (June 2021)
  • The Gulag begins to PvP the people working on the watercube at spawn (June 2021)
  • joey, c0mmie and 8nothing form the Anti-Incursion

Notable Events

  • The Anti-Incursion is founded on the 25th of June
  • Massive PvP fights break out at spawn, sponges were used to place crystals underwater.
  • Obby Casts are utilized to combat spread of the Watercube
  • Progress on the Watercube slows down due to burn out
  • Several Brownmen and Infinity Incursion stashes used to supply the project are griefed due to insiders and Nocom being leaked
  • The project is officially paused by BachiBachBach on the 17th of August
    Bachi announcing the watercube project being paused.

Decline in Activity

Similarly to the Incursions that came before, the third concluded with inactivity and when the project was officially paused. The discord is kept up incase the Infinity Incursion resumes activity.


  • 8nothing (Leader of Obby Casting operations)
  • Replik (Co-Leader of PvP divison)
  • Several others