Anti-Taco Societies

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The Anti-Taco Societies, better known as ATS and rebranded in to ASS (Anti-Streamer Society) is a group founded by SonnyIsMario, MistaMcBomba, spelare, and fixed by BachiBachBach in December of 2019.

The group's main goal is to defend 2b2t against the Spanish invasion by any means necessary, including stream sniping, base destruction, and PvPing at spawn.

The Founding

The group was founded out of one of the leaders: SonnyIsMario stream sniping the Semi-Popular spanish streamer SSamu, the second time he did this he met MistaMcBomba and found out MIsta had already killed SSamu one week before Sonny did, out of anger for queue (including prio) being very long they created the discord and asked The Infinity Incursion's leader, Bachi to help tidy things up, as this server was already made of a different group with a different purpose. As of 2/4/2020 The group has more than 70 members in their discord and is growing every day.



The Infinity Incursion (Semi-Parent Group)

The Gulag


Angel's 2b2t shop


The Emperium

The Teutonic Order


The Vortex Coalition