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The Anti-Incursions are groups originally formed to rival Spawn Incursions, and later The Purge, and their operations. Their sole purpose is to combat incursion members at spawn, destroy Incursion constructs, and sabotage defenses set up for new player control. Despite their animosity to the Incursions, they do not always act as a polar opposite. For example, they do not necessarily aid and defend new players from Incursion onslaughts and may even attack new players. It is also to be noted that the Anti-Incursions are completely separate entities from other groups that may be against Incursions, which the Anti-Incursions may ally themselves with.

First Anti-Incursion

The first iteration of the Anti-Incursion was formed against the 7th Incursion by the killing incursion members and sabotaging projects at spawn. It was formed by ex-incursion members when jared2013 was constantly banning members from the incursion for minimal reasons. These bans would become the sparks that would later ignite the first Anti-Incursion. Despite the Anti-Incursion being against the Incursion, it did not mean they were allied with the French.

Events Leading to it's Creation

  • jared2013 got into the incursion and got an administrative role, after he became a leader he began to ban many members from the incursion.
  • WAO (one of leader of the movement) was banned from the incursion a few days after it began and retaliated by griefing an incursion stash.
  • Other members who would later join and form the Anti-Incursion were also banned such as Miggers, IHackedWalmart and 0ffsets.
  • At the end of September, 10 days after the incursion began the Anti-Incursion officially began and it's first act was blowing up an incursion spawn base.
Members of the first Anti-Incursion

Notable Events

  • The first act of the official new Anti-Incursion movement was to grief an Incursion spawn base.
  • At the same day of the grief, Anti-Incursion members killed Incursion members in a spawn battle.
  • Another battle occurred the following day, the Anti-Incursion were outnumbered by the Incursion, only the Incursion suffered casualities.
  • The same day, a second battle took place, this one was right before a server restart and there were not as many people who participated in this battle as there were in the last.
  • The lavacube at nether 0,0 was mostly drained and the platform at 0,0 was rebuilt, any incursion member attempting to stop them would be attacked and sometimes killed, none of them managed to succeed in sabotaging the spawn repair.
  • A watercube was made at 0,0 overworld where Anti-Incursion members hung out and fought incursion members.

Decline in activity

After the original Incursion disbanded, the Anti-Incursion became way less active, they remained like this during jared's Incursion Reloaded that was to last until the original incursion end deadline but ended one day prematurely due to jared's attempt to inside the Emperium.


Second Anti-Incursion

Second Anti-Incursion Logo

The Second Anti-Incursion, also know as the Anti-Purge, was formed to combat the Purge. Similarly to the events in the first Anti-Incursion, the members of the second Anti-Incursion were banned or kept out of the Purge event due to their general reputation and previous actions during the 7th Incursion. Unlike its predecessor however, the Anti-Incursion was friendly to the invading 9gang/Etika fans, with plans to help newer players out of spawn.

Notable Events

  • Killet begins the Second Anti-Incursion on May 30th, 2019.
  • Anti-Incursion sabotages the Purge lava wall.
  • Several battles occurred between the Purge and Anti-Incursion
  • Killet attempts to create a SIG splinter group but fails
  • Anti-Incursion attempted to rebuild Wrath Outpost on June 10th, 2019, however efforts were reverted by the Purge
  • Second Anti-Incursion Banner
    Killet is kicked from the Anti-Incursion.
Members of the second Anti-Incursion

Decline in activity

Similarly to the first Anti-Incursion, the second concluded with inactivity and a day after the Purge ended, this time with the discord being deleted. The members later moved to a new group known as Epoch.

Members of the second Anti-Incursion at 0,0 Nether