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"Cya at Pitfight!"
JoinedFeb 11 2020
BasesSpergClub, Obscension (base), Boletus, Sora Blue, Hermeticlock SMP, Heimsland, Webzone, Solaris, Polaris, Taiyo, Stellaris, Dubrovnik, The 2b2t Museum
TypeBuilder, Griefer, Group Leader
CurrentObscension, Pitfight, Astral Brotherhood

AnimeTiddie is a builder and notable player on 2b2t, known for founding the group Obscension and building and founding the Pitfight event.


Obscension(base) Built by Animetiddie

AnimeTiddie became interested in 2b2t after coming across fastvincent1 on YouTube and watching his videos on the server. When he first joined 2b2t, he was playing the Java Edition for the first time after moving from console so he had some difficulty adjusting to the new version while also adjusting to anarchy in general. He used Impact as his only hacked client and barely knew anything about it. He died many times trying to escape spawn but eventually escaped onto to the -- nether highway. Here, he would mainly build solo and learn about 2b2t/Java for almost a year playing with a "singleplayer with chat" attitude that many other notable builders have carried in the past. He built an obsidian tower using buckets of lava from the nether and water streams. The first friend he ever made on 2b2t was a player named FreeLees who told him he needed to name his tower and start his own group. AnimeTiddie decided to heed his advice and originally started a group called "Obsidian Ascension", later renamed to Obscension. Some other early members of the group included Svenn_Svenn and Slythens. AnimeTiddie came up with a way to build pearl stasis chambers out of water streams and he used those to move their first stash to the group base 3 million blocks out. Afterwards, he would build an entire pearl complex at the base where up to 8 people could set pearls and be brought back individually. The group base would eventually be griefed by Dectonic in retaliation after FreeLees helped grief Chunk Haven. This event led to Obscension becoming an event focused group, and also led to the creation of Pitfight.

Pitfight and other Projects

AnimeTiddie is most widely known for founding and designing Pitfight, an End Crystal PvP tournament. The event ran monthly on the server, for a year, from 2021-2022. It is currently the largest spawn event, regularly drawing crowds of up to 60-70 players at a time and bringing Priority Queue on the days it is held to above 100, a rare feat during school months. AnimeTiddie also works on group bases intermittently between different Pitfights. Some other projects he has done include: Spawn Archer, SpergClub, HermeticLock SMP, Spawnfuer/Webzone, Boletus, Sora Blue, Heimsland

Name Change

At the end of 2022, Animetiddie changed their account names to Anime2b2t and 2b2tComunnity. Their YouTube and Discord names were also changed to just "Anime".

Anime and The Astral Brotherhood

In 2022, Anime also applied and was accepted into the Astral Brotherhood, where has built several bases with his many friends in the group including: Solaris, Polaris, Taiyo, Stellaris, and Dubrovnik.