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The Ancients
The Ancients Logo
Founded17th February 2022
BasesCorner Base
Our/Place, Squid Games 2, Squid Games 3

The Ancients are a group of friends known for their events, such as: our/place, Squid Games 2 and Squid Games 3. They also work closely with and have contributed to bases with several groups including Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association and the SpawnMasons.


Originally, the Ancients didn't start as a group, but as a friendship. It began in late 2021 when minecraft_simon and Hovecs met on the Nether highway. From there, Hovecs invited minecraft_simon to build the second event of 2b2t Squid Games. Approximately a month later, YoMoBoYo became friends with minecraft_simon and Hovecs, and helped build the third Squid Games. In the same period, xrayessay and Harrrissssonn joined as well. At the end of the construction, chiekn helped out with the final touches, which led him to also be invited. Afterward, the group Ancients was officially formed. In the next following weeks, they started building together at different group bases.

Through friendship with chiekn, the player Rules_Off also joined the group. Around this time minecraft_simon came up with the idea of making a replica of r/place, but on 2b2t. This was made at SBA 30, and was called r/sbaplace. After this, the group decided to make our/place on 2b2t, and let everyone with a Minecraft account place pixels on a map utilizing an external website made by minecraft_simon, which would then get placed on a map in-game on 2b2t. Rulesoff started making bots and connected to the website made for the event. The bots then placed blocks indicated by users on the website, meaning the mapart was updated in real time. Roles and jobs were distributed amongst the group, and work was set to find location for the map, and also build it. It was built far in the End. This was easily accomplished with Harrissssonn's help. He was flying out to the end worldborder corner at the time. They then used a teleport exploit to get everyone in the group out there to start on building the our/place base. They decided to make a design, that made it look like it was built in the overworld, and also used real terrain from 2b2t. This was done so that the place would be almost impossible to find.

After a few weeks of working together, they launched first a stress test with the help of the youtuber IceBlueBird and his fans. After a successful stress test, they cleared the canvas, and launched the event. The event turned out very successful, with over 267,732 pixels placed, and over 847 players registered.

After our/place, _Genetics_ joined the group after helping in the project.

During summer of 2022, Harrisssonn reached the end worldborder corner, and immediately started bringing people out, first starting with the Ancients. They quickly set up a small base, and got established out there, before bringing out more people from other groups, such as The SpawnMasons, Astral Brotherhood and Spawn Builders Association.

As of today, the Ancients have brought in more close friends to their circle, these being BIKMUNNI, P529, Vbence1, and Capbara. They are also working on different projects and events. One of them, being the yearly "Female Chess Player Awareness Month" (Short for FCPAM), that are celebrated by the Ancients. This includes in changing their profile pics to their favorite female chess player.

On February 18th, 2023, the Ancients gathered trusted individuals to start planning for the SpawnQuarium event. The Spawnquarium was a building event that would put fish themed builds in the spawn water cube. The final build project would end with 42 builders and over 100 builds. Due to the nature of the watercube, many of them are still there today. [1][2]

On September 2nd, 2023, the Isle was griefed. This was an Ancient - SpawnMason end spawnbase. Originally placed by the Ancients in April 2022, the Ancients became bored with the location. After Sky was griefed, they offered it to the SpawnMasons to build. This worked well because many of their members were also SpawnMasons like YoMoBoYo. This base lasted until the 2nd of September, griefed by the 5th column.

An acccount autofishing at our/place



All ancients are equal. All group decisions will have to be unanimous.

The group is driven and run by the friendship between all members. No ancient member is forced to any commitment, and can do whatever they want outside the group. In quote: There is absolutely no need to set any ground rules in the group, because all members are not going to do anything bad to the group with the existing internal friendship and respect between all members.

The only way to join the group is through invitation. Invitation also has to be a unanimous vote between all Ancients members. Invitations are decided by two factors:

- Friendship with every single member in the group is very important and needed to join.

- Talent in any useful area is needed to contribute to the high standards that are expected.


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