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Anatolia was a 2012 base and home of the Black Flag group. Its members where Sato86, Pyrobyte and Drewbookman. The Black Flag group is most known for being one of the founders for Valkyria, the other one being the Hitlerwood crew.

During the 1.4.7 dupe, the members of Anatolia duped away and also made infinite items. The infinite stash was eventually shared with iTristan during the second backdoor. The infinite items used to build Wrath during the third spawn incursion came from this base. During this time, iTristan and pyrobyte using the second backdoor created illegal items, including pig spawners. These spawners were eventually recovered by kinorana, iTristan, and fr1kin when they emptied the stash.

Coords: +234483X -48522Z

Sato's view

Sato believes that Drewbookman griefed the base, and this was strengthened after he griefed parts of Valkyria.

Drew's and Kinorana's view

While the 1.4.7 Dupe could be used to duplicate a full inventory of items, it could also create infinite items. Around the time of the destruction of Valkyria, Sato86, Pyrobyte, and kinorana created an infinite item stash near Anatolia. Sato86 (according to Kinorana) griefed Anatolia to dissuade people from coming, and false flagged drewbookman to give plausibility to the destruction.