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Anatolia as shown on the thumbnail of fastvincent1's video on the base
Builder(s)Sato86, Drewbookman, Pyrobyte
CoordinatesX: 234,483 Z: -48,522
DemolishersPyrobyte (framed Dewbookman)

Anatolia was a 2013 base and home of the Black Flag Group. Its members where Sato86, Pyrobyte and Drewbookman. The Black Flag group is most known for being one of the founders for Valkyria, the other one being the Hitlerwood crew (prior to the merging of the Gape Group and the Legion of Shenandoah). It was Sato86's first base, and named after a map in Age of Mythology. He first invited Drewbookman after talking with him in chat. Drewbookman suggested Sato86 to invite the player Pyrobyte, and he invited him too. They also started a small spawn base, called Argo Outpost.

During the 1.4.7 dupe, the members of Anatolia duped away and also made infinite items. A stash was created a couple thousand blocks from the base in the middle of a sea. The infinite stash was eventually shared with iTristan during the second backdoor. The infinite items used to build Wrath during the third spawn incursion came from this base. During this time, iTristan and pyrobyte using the second backdoor created illegal items, including pig spawners. These spawners were eventually recovered by kinorana, iTristan, and fr1kin when they emptied the stash, but this was in 2016.


Anatolia was mostly made of cobble usually via lavacasts or hand-placed.


A couple days after the first incursion, Dewbookman griefs parts of Valkyria. Drewbookman trusted a player named hinderjd, whom was also a member of Valkyria, and gave his solo base coords to him. Hinderjd came to Drew's base, along with KnightVista and Coldwave, and griefed it. Hinderjd then killed Drewbookman. After this event, there would be a lot more drama between Drewbookman and Sato86. Drewbookman then returned to Anatolia and threatened to leak the coordinates to the dismay of Pyrobyte and Sato86. Drewbookman wasn't aware of the stash near the base, so the other members where worried that he would discover and loot it. Pyrobyte hatched a plan to grief the base and frame Drewbookman for it, so that the stash wouldn't be uncovered.

Pyrobyte griefed the base and announced it with a screenshot. In the screenshot, the base is lavacasted and blown up, which Pyrobyte claimed was done by Drew. The water in the screenshot hadn't been done flowing down from the base, so people took notice and where suspicious if Pyrobyte really had found the base griefed or just had griefed it himself. Sato86 came out about what had happened after Pyrobyte quit 2b2t, but still blamed Drewbookman for the grief, as if he never had started the drama by returning to Anatolia or griefing parts of Valkyria, the entire feud would have never gone down.