Alpha slabs

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The Alpha ‘Wooden’ slab was a collectible item and one of the seven ‘missing textures’ blocks on 2b2t.


In February 2011 the Beta 1.3 Update introduced new slab blocks: cobblestone, sandstone and ‘wood’. All were considered ‘variants’ of the Stone Slabs in Minecraft’s ID system. Because of this all three behaved like stone materials, in the sense that fire couldn’t burn them and you could mine them with a pickaxe. In August 2012 with Java Edition 1.3 new slabs were introduced, including multiple wooden slabs that didn’t behave like variants of stone slabs anymore.

In later years the item texture of the block was removed. The older slabs—commonly refered to as the Alpha Slabs—became one of the seven unique blocks on 2b2t that missed a texture. When 2b2t updated to Java Edition 1.19.4 on August 14th 2023 these blocks were converted into a new textured block called ‘Petrified Oak Slabs’.[1]