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BasesBoedecken, Rocket Town, Space Valkyria 3, Space Valkyria 3 V2, Space Valkyria 4, The Spike
GriefsSummermelon, Purgatory 2, COVID-2147, Hitlerville, Bernheim
TypeGriefer, Exploiter
Alternative AccountsBetaCalculator, ZetaMatrioshka
CurrentFifth Column
PastSpawnMasons, Guardsmen, Team Veteran, Shortbus Caliphate

AlphaComputer is a griefer and collector of rare items, as well as a long-term friend of Jacktherippa. He was responsible for the resurgence of 32k swords in 2018. He is also a past member of the Spawnmasons (having been kicked from the group after drama surrounding the Summermelon grief), and a current member of the Fifth Column. He was also the subject of a long-running meme concerning him running for president.


Summermelon Grief & Expulsion from The Spawnmasons

Following ChromeCrusher's grief of Fitlantis, Fit established Rocket Town on March 3, 2017. AlphaComputer was invited to the base. After it was griefed by jddinger. AlphaComputer assisted in a grief of Summermelon with Fit and others in May that was cited as a revenge grief, although jddinger was not a member of the base.[1] A vote in the Spawnmasons was subsequently held that saw AlphaComputer (and nearly Fit) being removed from the group as a result of drama partially stemming from the grief. This ultimately resulted in HermeticLock removing all members from the Spawnmasons and publicly announcing a disbandment of the group.[2] This ended the so-called First Degree of the group.

Revival of 32k weapons

In 2018, AlphaComputer discovered the hopper method for handling 32k swords. It consisted of avoiding anti-illegals plugins that reverted items by placing a shulker box containing 32ks on top of a hopper, and then placing the sword in the user's hotbar with kill aura enabled. This method for moving 32k swords and his duping of them caused a resurgence of 32k's in late 2018 and 2019. It led to widespread use of the 'Alpha's 32k Sword's, and resulted in a complete re-shuffling of the pvp meta on the server as Auto32k pvp became the norm throughout late 2018 and most of 2019.