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BasesThe Boedecken
Alternative AccountsBetaCalculator, ZetaMatrioshka
PastSpawnMasons, Team Veteran

AlphaComputer is an oldfag on 2b2t, known to be friends with Fit and responsible for the resurgence of 32k swords in 2018. He is known to work together with Fit on his videos, and was a member of the SpawnMasons.

Summermelon Drama and Expulsion from The Spawnmasons

On March 3, Fit tried to establish a safe sky base, Rocket Town, so no naturally generated terrain is shown. Eventually, he invited AlphaComputer and ChromeCrusher (probably so that he won't grief it again). The base was eventually griefed by a player named jddinger.

In May of 2017, bigdon50 was invited to Summermelon and after a couple weeks, leaked the coords to Fit. On July 28th, 2017, Fit made a video on griefing Summermelon for "revenge", with the help of AlphaComputer and three others.

At the time, Fit and Alphacomputer were members of the Spawn Masons. However, contrary to popular belief, the grief was not executed (or even approved by) the SpawnMasons. It was Fit and Alphacomputer acting on their own.

After Fit released his video of the destruction of Summermelon, the SpawnMasons were faced with the issue of whether or not to allow Fit and AlphaComputer to remain within the group. AlphaComputer and Fit had destroyed a base which housed other SpawnMasons, and killed Krobar01, who was a fellow member of the SpawnMasons. These players had violated the code of the SpawnMasons, but were still friends with many of the members, including leader HermeticLock. In a close vote, it was decided that AlphaComputer would be kicked from the group, and Fit later left the group after barely getting enough votes to stay in. This lead to HermeticLock's resignation as leader of the SpawnMasons, an official SpawnMasons disbandment reddit post, and a brief intermission during which the SpawnMasons were nonexistent.

Revival of 32k weapons

In 2018, AlphaComputer found a method to use 32k swords without them being reverted by placing a shulker box on top of a hopper and placing the sword in your hotbar with Kill Aura enabled. This method for moving 32k swords and his duping of them caused a resurgence of 32k's in late 2018 and 2019.

Nowadays, 32k enchanted items are patched from the server and revert to their maximum vanilla enchantment levels when loaded.