Airships (more commonly known as flying machines) are mobile redstone contraptions used by players to do a variety of things, such as travel or clear terrain.

Variants used on 2b2t

Ice Airship

Passenger Airship

A novelty transportation method historically used mainly for travel in the End before the addition of Elytra to Minecraft, although lag rendered them barely usable for much of that time.

Bomber Airship

A bomber is an airship variant that drops duped lit TNT, allowing it to rain TNT as long as it is loaded. The first major instance of a bomber's usage on the server was by BastiVC in the Rusher War.[1]

The bomber design has also been used to clear the hole for The Drain, and several areas in Block Game Mecca. Other uses include TeamNoTrees to destroy trees and dirt in Spawn.

Ice Airship

An airship platform that was designed by ilmango who is not a player of 2b2t. However, players of 2b2t have found his design and used it for the creation of a Water Cube that used to flood spawn. The airship creates infinite ice by constantly making an infinite water source and then continuously freezes it. An older design required the use of an armor stand with frost walker boots, but this has been removed in newer variants. These have also been used to expand highways in the End.