Adolf Hitller's Private Army

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Adolf_Hitller's Private Army
FoundedEarly September 2020
DisbandmentMarch 2021
Tenth Incursion

Adolf_Hitller's Private Army was a meme group dedicated to a wide variety of projects.


Early Projects

The group was founded when Adolf_Hitller died back to Spawn on his account that was at Fartropolis, over 10 million blocks out. The group was originally a PvP group, but the members (at this point largely Adolf and 0Neb), quickly grew tired of this. The next focus was a massive dig at -5000, 5000 in the Overworld. The project attracted many players, largely from Crimson, the Infinity Incursion, and the Shortbus Caliphate. It became too widely known, however, and fizzled out. The group became involved in the Tenth Incursion, with many of the then-active members participating in a variety of roles.

Nether Border

In the fall of 2020, a Boatfly bypass became publicly available. As a result, Adolf attempted to fly to the Nether World Border. When he did not make it, him and 0Neb began to extend the X+ Highway to the Nether World Border. The account used to dig had to be killed back to its spawnpoint to resupply, so progress was slow. The group rejected Hare_Hare_Yukai from joining, and had also been in communication with the X+ Nether Border Diggers, and was beaten by both of them in March of 2021. Following this, the group went inactive on 2b2t.