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A render of Adamantium
Inhabitants0Channy, Lunch_Katsu, aholic1208, BachiBachBach, Banana_On_2b2t, Black_Heart, bluebirdx, bread_loafs, Bathory343, Dectonic, digandbuilder, dragonworm, Drathader, D_loaded, FamilyPumpkin6, Fiddlesticks98, Forceken, Franknificant, HermeticLock, Hespera, HURTLOCKERBECK, Hurtmercury, iAmZeiss, IronException, ItsParkerYT, I_tri , Joey_Coconut, JSR4, Mad_King_Lambo, NexxMc, Orsond, pepsilord420, PoyrazD12, Rathause, Roy4l_Rondi, Sakuya, spartan4200, Steampunkjax, TakeoutMenu, Todarac, triibu, VillagerFilms, y_a_t_a, Zetrax, _Patchess.
LocationX: -71809 Z: -39190
StartedDecember 31, 2020 (four years ago)
GriefedJanuary 18, 2021 (three years ago)
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Adamantium was a large spawn base inhabited by the Shortbus Caliphate, DonFuer, and the Guardsmen in early 2021.


Adamantium was founded by Orsond and Joey_Coconut on December 31, 2020. Named for the large 'adamantine' chains 'holding down' the sky islands, the base grew slowly the first few days. As more builders were invited, the base's size increased exponentially.[1] The base was opened up to the entirety of the Guardsmen almost immediately, while many Shortbus Caliphate, and later Donfuer and Fight Club members were invited as the base progressed. Issues quickly arose surrounding the rampant theft of materials from the base, Ender Crystals being placed inside builds, and several non-basemembers wandered to or near to the location. Despite these setbacks, building continued.


Many structures were built at Adamantium, such as Joey_Coconut's Adamantine forge, Sakuya's statue of Todarac, Zetrax's Establishment HQ, Franknificant's Fredericks church, 0Channy's Turtle, Lunch_Katsu's tower, Steampunkjax's SBC Hill, Joey_Coconut's gate, Rathause's steam-shovel, Joey_Coconut's and JSR4's bees, Joey_Coconut's Guardsmen bridge, PoyrazD12's Pagoda, and many others.[2]

Adamantium Post Grief - Screenshot by SilverEyes2b2t


Adamantium was leaked to WomenAreObjects, who then griefed the base on 18 January, 2021.[3]