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"The End of Goodwill Supremacy"
InhabitantsTanaxis, Rimmy93, 1_Kingcris, niels241, Bittercynic, 0x22, Babbaj, fr1kin, 1Charlie3, Adjuration
LocationX: 839476, Y: 1193744
StartedLate 2016
GriefedJune 7th, 2021
GriefersRedstoner2b2t, Rwah, Steve3
World download
LinkNot Available

Acheron or Goodwill Base was a base built in late 2016 and was known to a small part of the public as of March of 2020, 0x22 speculates long before that. At one point, it was believed that the base was going to be griefed, yet it was not. The base included one of the largest stashes created on the server with an automated chunk dupe setup, a medieval themed hub, personal rooms for each base member, a gold farm, a villager trading hall, various farms, a harbor, carpet duper and stash, and a tunnel system of ice highways.



The base was founded in late 2016 and every dupe was used there starting after the 2016 Minecart Dupe Glitch. Tanaxis arrived in January of 2017 and the base was very active in its early stages. The base members would extensively use the Drop Item Dupe and then the chunk dupe because they could both be done automatically while AFK. It was said that the stashes together totaled to 32,000 double chests, before being world edited back to natural terrain by Hausemaster.


The stash was used by several different players including TheDark_Emperor and several members of the SpawnMasons, as it became less and less active. Some players also added their own touch to the base as they came and went.


Jakethasnake52 found the base in May of 2021[1] after a base hunting stream, but did not tell anyone he was there until after it was griefed. The next month the base was found again by SerpentFang. After being kicked from the server after finding the base, he was told that someone was on their way to the base to grief it and decided to share the coordinates with a few of his friends[2]. Several members of the Infinity Incursion began heading out to the base in hopes of moving some of the stash which was believed to be 4,000 double chests of duplicated items, which was actually 15,000+ double chests. While moving items from the stash, the accounts soggydoggy__, Quelcom1, and Ooban_ were temporarily blacklisted from joining the server. Additionally, jumboman32's priority queue access was removed and later given back.


The base was partially griefed by Redstoner2b2t and Steve3 which Redstoner livestreamed on his channel, but quickly it took down after accidentally leaking coords. Various other players eventually started griefing the rest of the base.

Acheron Memberboard
One of Acheron's Stashes
Render of Acheron's harbor by jumboman32