aaron_alvin is a member of the Cult of the Melon that built at a variety of large bases, such as Summermelon and Mu.

Aaron alvin
JoinedFall 2016
BasesWintermelon, Springmelon, Summermelon, Mu, and Autumnmelon
CurrentCult of the Melon


Aaron_alvin joined 2b2t in Fall of 2016 as a result of TheCampingRusher's video. He met Toshie and Vaxent while traveling the Nether highways, and with them and several others, built at Wintermelon.[1] While there, aaron_alvin built his great hall and a castle. After its grief by the 4th Reich, aaron_alvin moved to the short-lived memebase Springmelon before building a considerable amount at Summermelon, including such builds as the docks and Melon Manor. Following its grief by Fit and several others, aaron_alvin moved to Mu with most of the rest of the group.[2] While there, be built the Cathedral of the Melon Goddess, one of the largest builds at the base besides the central basin itself.[3] Through building at Mu, he was also invited to the Spawnmasons, where he was a guest for an extended period. After spending years at Mu, it was eventually made public as a result of the Authentication exploit. After the grief of Mu, aaron_alvin moved to Autumnmelon, although it was griefed before he could finish designing a large build for the base. He has been inactive since its grief in 2020.