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“I don’t even know Java”
JoinedMid 2019
BasesNovum, Solveig, Argos, Argos II, Argos III, Trap Town, Millennium 2, Trapiverse, Trapiverse 2, Ludus Magnus, The Isles of Enoch, Apothasis, Mayonnation, Mayonnation 2, Traplantis, ASS56, GeezerTown6, EveryoneBase1, Farmville, Concord,
TypeBuilder, Griefer, Developer
Alternative Accountsgamesensebeta, m3m3wizard, __Ricardo, washedpear, unwashedpear, angryblackwoman, CORONAT1ME, 6all, POLANDL0VER69,
PastMillennium, VEA, The Bank of 2b2t, Graybeard Geezers, Donfuer

ANALP0RN, more commonly known as frank, is a builder, griefer, developer, and one of the leaders of Millennium.


ANALP0RN joined 2b2t in 2019 after watching a Corncycle video in June at his friends house. He joined that same night on his friend's computer and later, in August of 2019, he bought priority queue.

When the WWE Donkey Dupe was re-enabled, he began to play more actively. He participated in every public dupe from 2019 to 2020, resulting in a large accumulation of wealth. After establishing himself, he began to build and play with the group Millennium. During this time he most notably griefed many bases of The Imperials, stole a 2,000 double chest shop stash on his way to the border, and built at many bases.

ANALP0RN would quit following the Pyro Dupe and NoCom when many of his stashes were destroyed or stolen from, and would play periodically between 2021 and 2023, before returning to play after the server update to 1.19. After the update he most notably built at the EveryoneBase and GeezerTown6. He would release a video following the destruction of EveryoneBase. After both the grief of GeezerTown6 and his solo base. ANALP0RN would again quit the server.

Client Development


During 2020 he would add features to KamiBlue and renamed it for his group as "TrapHack". This client notably had improved base hunting modules, a new chunk logger, improved visual elements, and a private boatfly bypass during 2020. It was never distributed wider than a few friends and the .jar and source were lost over time.


Following the server's update he would begin developing a client called StarHack which was based off of a SalHack base he found on github, written by MrZak360. He would spend the next two months making this client the best "add-on mod" he could. He added features such as an advanced new chunk and stash finder modules, and many movement hack bypasses. The client lacked major features such as ESP, combat, and other basic modules. The most recognizable features of the client were the HUD and image generator that would place a picture of the anime girl "Leafa". Following the release of client demonstrations, ANALP0RN would upload videos of him griefing stashes he had found with the modules of the client. He would also feature the destruction of his own base and large stash in one of these videos. StarHack featured a website ( and an invite only forum where the members could communicate, post, download, and review the client. The client was free as long as you had an invited account on the forum. Following the release, 3 users were invited as a result of stellar applications. The other 2 users were invited as a result of insiding large stashes and group bases.

The popularity of the client was apparent with over 10k total views the StarHack related content received in a two week period. After the initial release and the activity on YouTube from the new users, the client would receive a lot of attention. After being contacted by developers from notable clients including Anubis, Jupiter, and Oyvey. ANALP0RN would sell the client and its related materials.

Halloween Client

Halloween Client was a private, short-lived fork of StarHack made for ANALP0RN’s close friends on the server. Following the trend of StarHack, ANALP0RN uploaded many devblogs showing off the unique features such as a in-game manga reader, movement exploits, and other various highlights. Support and development lasted only two months, before ANALP0RN would quietly leave 2b2t.


Early version of symphony's HUD.

ANALP0RN returned to 2b2t and began development of Symphony on May 22nd, 2024. Symphony features a unique heads up display (HUD) and many unique features. The mascot and primitive chatbot is named “Aria” in reference to the music concept of a standout solo amongst a sea of voices in an opera.


Argos 1, ANALP0RN's first solo base. Established on the server the same month he joined, it lasted for over 4 years before being self griefed in 2023.
After accidentally dying at Argos 1 in 2022, ANALP0RN would move to establish Argos 2 in a different axis. The base was inspired by the original but on a much larger scale. It featured a large underground section that was never finshed. The base was griefed only 6 months after establishment.
Depicted is one of the many griefs of Imperials done during 2020.