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9 Gang, also referred to as PP Gang, was a movement started by Etika with the goal of surviving and conquering 2b2t by working together with his followers, the Joycon Boyz, although it culminated in less of an actual cohesive movement and more so in his followers spamming 9 and dying due to more experienced veteran players. Although it was a weak movement, Etika's large following led to extremely high queue levels (the highest in months) due to his popularity.

It is unknown if or how this movement will continue following Etika's untimely death.

There has also been discussion of a "9cursion", an incursion of spawn involving 9 Gang (see Spawn Incursions), but is at this stage disputable whether such a thing is amidst considering the lack of notable action among veterans and Etika's followers.

See more about the activities of 9 Gang on the Etika Invasion page.