700Base was a small spawn base built by xcc2, omaliymix, x0XP , Lichtenburg, zxcwbz1, and others, in 2013. The base was, as the name implies, 700 blocks away from spawn. Despite the close proximity to spawn, some small parts of the base can still be made out under a mound of lavacasts.

Inhabitantsxcc2, omaliymix, x0XP, Lichtenburg, zxcwbz1, slow_dive, Polly_The_Parrot, popbob, dr0ndeh, CytotoxicTcell
StartedEarly 2013
GriefedMid 2013
World download
LinkNot Available


Note: This was written by xcc2 on the subreddit

Link: https://www.reddit.com/comments/8q1akz

I was recently traveling around spawn and I ran across some ruins that looked familiar. After some head-scratching I remembered where I was and thought I'd take a WDL and make a render. First, the render. It's not a great image or anything, but here you go:

Unnamed Base Near Spawn

Now for the history: It seems like 2013 was one of the busiest times in 2b2t's history (or at least my history on 2b2t). Most of the original builds that I did, and the large bases that I was most active in, were made in 2013. At some point in early 2013 I had teamed up with Omaliymix to build a somewhat famous base at spawn which ultimately became known as 700Base. It was only 700 blocks from spawn and we basically started it by rebuilding some old ruins (I had the task of restoring the castle on the hill) and expanding until it got griefed, knowing it wouldn't last long. The base began in February and ultimately grew very quickly as several people joined us and expanded it; x0xp, Lichtenburg, zxcwbz1, slow_dive, polly_the_parrot, popbob, dr0ndeh and cytotoxictcell, as far as I can remember. The base lasted longer than it had any right to, and ultimately crumbled. This was it's final state:

700Base — mid 2013