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6Garden is a base built by Jonathan222 that started on November 22nd, 2016, and finished on 10/2/2017. Mostly consisting of Oak trees, Lapis Blocks, Dark Oak Blocks, Sandstone, Peonies, Lilacs, and Diamond Blocks.

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One of the roads in 6Garden
Beginning 11/22/2016 (exact)
Completion 10/2/2017 (exact)
Builder(s) Jonathan222
Other denizens Jonathan222
Coordinates Private
Approx. date demolished Ungreifed

While 6Garden was started in 2016, (Jonathan222s house) the main construction started in January 2017. Being one of the first 2017 builds on 2b2t.

6Garden has allready out-lived several 2017 and 2018 bases, due to the fact that there is only one builder involved.

Sometime around in Febuary 2017, Jonathan222 went to spawn and invited Firefox18, (inactive status) but got crystaled a few minutes later by an unknown player.

The size of 6Garden is roughly 184 x 281 blocks.

As of 2/3/2019 6Garden is ungreifed (When you are the only one at your base).


All history was stored on Jonathan222's computer and was updated weekly until completion in October.

11/22/2016: Jonathan222's house was built, marking the 1st (unoffical) build at 6Garden

1/?/2017: Offical construction of 6Garden starts. Making it the 1st 2017 build on 2b2t.

1/?/2017: Finished Lake

2/5/2017: Main Road under construction

2/10/2017: Main Road Finished

2/10/2017: Main Section (of Garden) under construction

2/12/2017: Main Section (of Garden) Complete.

2/19/2017: Starting the East section of the garden, consisting of the 2nd balcony, a "supply" center, and the diamond lavacast (that would be finished last).

2/26/2017: Construction started for Eastern Guest House.

3/4/2017: Almost complete with the Eastern Guest House.

3/5/2017: Finished Eastern Guest House.

3/12/2017: Started Construction on the main Town. Consisting information of local co-ords. And Villages (with its enchantments), a small hotel, and some other shit

3/13/2017: Coord tower finished.

3/14/2017: Hotel Finished

4/7/2017: East road 75% done

7/24/2017: Diamond lavacast under construction

8/1/2017: Almost finished with the East Section Road

8/2/2017: East section is finished.

8/3/2017: Started working on the diamond lavacast

8/16/2017: Started the Birch Hill section

10/2/2017: Completion of the Birch Hill section, and 6Garden Is complete

11/22/2017: 6Garden is 1 year old, still ungreifed

11/22/2018: 6Garden is 2 years old


6Garden is complete and no more builds will be added

-A diamond lava cast ( a lava cast with the cobble stone replaced with diamond blocks. I all ready have 3 stacks of excess diamond blocks from exp mining, and a dupe stash of diamond blocks.

-Complete The town. (Most likely done by Mid-April) -=FINISHED 7/24/2017=-

-Finish the whole Eastern Section Road (that will connect to one of the lakes). This would most likely be done in May/June. -=FINISHED 8/2/2017=-

-Start working on the Birch Hill section of 6Garden. This will most likely be finished by November 2017