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Spawn Incursions, also known as Incursions, Spawn Occupations, or Spawn Invasions, are invasions of spawn, initially proposed by hinderjd, by a community based group in which the group attempts to hold spawn for a period of time, slaughter enemies, persecute newfags, and mostly get attention and fame. Currently, there has been 7 incursions of spawn. The first three incursions were all started by Valkyria, while the 4th and 5th were started by jared2013, the 6th was started by Sato86, and the 7th was started by _Henry_. There has also been discussion of an eight incursion in the midst involving the various worldwide streamers and YouTubers and the following they bring.

An image created after the original 3 Valkyrian occupations had closed.

Note: The information of the first three incursions is from Sato86 on

Incursion Groups & Policies

Incursion groups are meant to be separate entities from any other group. Since Incursions are considered to be community events and are meant to unite the community, members tend to ignore any hostile relations that their groups may have with others to work together for a common goal. While it may cause infighting, the incursions with several large groups involved have mostly been able to cooperate, at least until a certain period of time passed.

Forward Operation Bases

Forward Operation Bases (FOB for short) are bases built by members of the incursion as foothold bases around spawn during an incursion. These bases are mainly used by the players in order to rest, repair armor, set spawn points, re-stack on food and gear, etc. They can vary from being small bases made of cobble to large monster bases made of rare and luxurious blocks. Currently, FOB's are usually being made out of pure obsidian following the construction of Wrath Outpost. Doing this is supposed to make FOB's look intimidating and sustain structure over long periods of time to act as "permanent marks" on the server due to obsidian being able to sustain a lot of damage.

Notable FOB's

First Incursion

The "Boredom" Incursion

Base of Origin: Valkyria

Spawn Base: 2k2k.

Estimated duration: 1 week

The First Incursion, originally called The Spawn Invasion, occurred in June 2013.

"Yes, the first incursion was motivated by boredom. At the time we didn’t even call it incursion… This is now June of 2013. The first version of Valkyria is almost complete regarding the buildings and most basemates were tired of building and basing. Hindejd, one of five founders of Valkyria came to us with the idea of “invading” spawn. Usually, that idea would be refused, but the conditions were perfect because of the 1.4.7. Everyone at Valkyria was extremely well equipped with Kino duped armor, tools, and weapons which means we would have a chance to stand equal to any veteran spawn killer we could find.

We accepted this idea and marched to spawn, but not all together. Some people went a few days ahead of the rest, like Drewbookman and Hinderjd. They were important to settle some farms to sustain us. Half of the players of Valkyria were not online at the time or refused to come. After walking for hours at spawn and killing all the withers we could find, we decided to settle at 2k2k.

2k2k was a symbolic place for players like hinder, coldwave, and knightvista, since it was a former Facepunch base. The newfag haven of Phagocytic. That was the main reason why we picked it. The place was not in bad condition despite a giant lavacast. The underground was beautiful. But despite the good start, the first incursion became a mess. People started to separate to pursue their goals at spawn. We were not organized at the time, so 2k2k soon fell to griefers. Some of us also died, including me. This was due to the fact that even with good equipment, some of us still lacked the PVP experience. Spawn also made its role by killing some of us by fall damage. The whole event lasted only 1 week with a few ripples because some members remained at spawn for a bit more time.

The First Incursion failed… But no one really cared about it at the time. We wanted a challenge and we bite more than we could chew."

Groups Involved

Second Incursion

Main article: Second Incursion

The Chaotic Incursion (AKA The IGN Incursion)

Base of Origin: Belegost, Valkyria, Rhadamantis.

Spawn Base: Fubster Spawn Camp, NFE.

Estimated duration: 2 months and half

The Second Incursion occurred during August of 2013. It was also the longest incursion to date.

"Yes, this one was even messier than the first. The Second Incursion was marked by the lack of organization and surprising collaboration between the players involved. Unlike the first one, everyone's goals were the same: occupy spawn and kill everyone you see. Some of its (good) standards would become a reference for the third one. It happened after Belegost, the base that was supposed substitute Valkyria was accidentally leaked by Coldwave when he used Adolf client. This scattered the Valkyrians a lot. Some came with me to Rhadamantis, but some didn’t. Tired of running, some people went to their solo bases or friends.

Soon after Rhada, I stopped playing for a few months. I returned to 2b2t in August and was immediately invited by Pyrobyte to come to spawn and join this new invasion that was going on. 2b2t players numbers increased by this IGN post where 2b2t's spawn was considered one of the 6 greatest wonders of Minecraft. This motivated some veterans and Valkyrians to take arms and go to spawn to get some “fresh meat”.

The Second Incursion base started as a dirt hut built by Fubster. A few days later, a whole base took shape and served as a foundation for the impressive 2 months and half of occupation. Fubster, Pompano, Pyrobyte and I were the captains and administrators. We built roads, bases and beacons. But all of these improvements were used to maximize the killing and make it easier to patrol all directions. We would judge who was worthy or not to join the event.

The fact is that the second incursion was a genocide of newcomers. It brutally broke the players income and gave them a taste of how awful 2b2t can be. New players would be stalked and killed all day, every day. Week after week. Some earned our mercy, but most didn’t.

At the time, I considered it fun, but looking back now, I see that this incursion might have made a disservice to 2b2t by eliminating a chance of 2b2t to get more regular players from the IGN advertising. The few that decided to stay after being killed and persecuted at those times, remember those days with a bitter taste. I know this because some today are my friends. [This --> [1] Is an external link to the video in question that dropped Jun 20th 2013. I joined (Docsmurf) as the direct result of this video and was able to escape spawn and set up a temp base around 60K before the bulk of the Second incursion landed]

The only good act we did back there was defend NFE from newfag raids and potential griefers. Thousands of new players were killed according to estimates.

However, something good came up from this Incursion. It made possible the rebuilding of Valkyria by reuniting the crew again and even adding more people to it. The base wouldn’t shine again and become a legend without all the death and mayhem we caused at Spawn.

The Second Incursion was a necessary evil."

Groups Involved

Third Incursion

The Wrath Incursion

Base of Origin: Asgard II, Rebellion, Frontline FOB.

Spawn Base: Volunteers Base, Wrath of Spawn.

Estimated duration: Exactly 1 month


The Third Incursion occurred during May of 2015. It started on the 29th of April, 2015, two years after the founding of Valkyria.

"It’s not just for the base name. The third incursion was mainly motivated by anger and frustration. Asgard II was recently destroyed and most of the 30 members were caught by this feeling of hate. I knew that if I let this situation go unchecked, the members would scatter again like it happened at Belegost. So I called a new Incursion and took advantage of the Asgardian’s revolt and anger to fuel this new event. Before A2 was destroyed, calling a new incursion was something unthinkable to me, because of how senselessly violent the last one was. But If I had to call a new one to maintain the unity of our group, then I decided to organize it the best I could. I projected the Third Incursion to be an event less violent than the third and more creative and open to everyone. And it worked beautifully.

Third Incursion Banner

Thanks to 1.4.7 dupe stashes, all of the Asgardian received stacks of god apples while they forged their own equipment at FOB. Pyrobyte’s help in the construction of Wrath Outpost was absolutely vital. He alone made it possible for SIB to happen. My original plans for the base were much more humble and difficult. We also built monuments at spawn and rebuilt the core. We patrolled some spawn bases and killed players too, but a lot less than the previous one. The event also served as a place for people to work together. A opportunity for players to meet and collaborate, due everyone that decided to side with the incursion (with the exception of the KOS list) would be welcomed to work with us and help with any task. Great contributions from volunteers like Bammerbeast and Dorquemada surprised me a lot.

To me, I feel that the Third Incursion was a giant “Fuck You” to all the few that hate this group and mocked the destruction of A2. It was a huge and unexpected show of force and determination from the members involved at the very deep core of the server. It was also an open invitation for our enemies to show their faces, which they did… Most of them were killed countless times. Some had to face the indignity to run for their safety and combat log.

The Third Incursion surpassed my expectations, concluding as a successful event and making possible Asgard II rest in peace in our hearts and move on to new challenges."

This Incursion was also known for several exploits used, such as infinite blocks and mob spawning.

Groups Involved

Mini Incursion

The VICE Incursion

Base of Origin: N/A

Spawn Base: Most likely Valkyrian spawn bases and other forward operation bases

Estimated Duration: October, 2015 - ???

VICE's Mini Incursion was a small incursion that took place 7 months after the third incursion. When a person known as Andrew Paul posted an article titled "the worst place in minecraft" on on October 5th, 2015, it brought a decent amount of attention to the server. This sparked a small amount of flooding to the server however was not as severe as the IGN article post, causing the 2nd Incursion, let alone the Rusher flood. The people from VICE were quickly dissipated from the server by the oldfags. There was another article posted on the website

Fourth Incursion

The Rusher Incursion

Base of Origin: Crystal Islands

Spawn Base: Several hidden forward operation bases, Moscow, Baghdad, Medina

Estimated duration: July 24, 2016 – September 1, 2016

Download (22).jpg

The Fourth Incursion was comparable in length to the Third Incursion. This Incursion was started by jared2013 due to the Rusher invasion of the server when all other attempts by individual players to slow the flow of Rushers failed. At some point, jared2013 abandoned the server for one of his many short-term hiatuses, and Sato86 took the reigns of the Fourth Incursion for a period of time.

The Fourth Incursion is considered a separate entity from Team Veteran, due to much of the rejection of Fit's careless integration of newfags and his YouTube shilling. Suspicions, that were later found to be correct, of Fit collaborating with TheCampingRusher was also a contributing factor of keeping Fit at arm's length.

Despite what some think, Fit was not involved with Fourth Incursion activities, and only ever came on the Fourth Incursion Discord server to gain information about ongoing events which he was not a part of or to advertise his videos.

During the Incursion, large amounts of Rushers were killed and several enemy bases were griefed by Team Veteran, The 4th Reich, and the Fourth Incursion.

As time dragged on, spawn became deserted with no one left but those using End Crystals to suicide those who were dumb enough to stay in spawn. Eventually, there would be internal conflicts that resulted in the destruction of 2 bases including Baghdad and Medina. However, no major amount of resources were lost on their part. The bases were for resting, repairing, and food. With bed bombing and End Crystal bombing becoming the new norm, the Fourth Incursion changed their tactics accordingly and followed DemonElite119's move in creating lag machines in order to disrupt any progress by newfags or Youtubers. Despite this, TheCampingRusher still kept playing on the server (despite the lag machines not allowing him to make a base), which essentially caused the Incursion to fail. However, not long after the 4th Incursion, Rusher left for the first time from 2b2t due to him losing ideas for his youtube series and the start of school.

Groups Involved

Members Involved

Fifth Incursion

The Meme Incursion (AKA The 11/11 Dupe Incursion)

Base of Origin: N/A

Spawn Base: 4th Reich Obsidian Forward Operation Base

Estimated duration: November 23rd, 2016 - December 11th, 2016


The "Fifth Incursion" was announced by jared2013 on November 23rd, 2016 on the 2b2t subreddit. The Fifth Incursion was a coalition of The 4th Reich, stragglers of the 4th Incursion, and some of the remaining oldfags and midfags that remained on the server despite the chaos during the The Rusher War.

The initial goals for the incursion was to make an obsidian wall around spawn, level spawn, remove lava casts and all water within the 400x400 radius, and build an obsidian town in order to contain spawnfags in the region, now that the 1.11 update made escaping spawn easier. It was a balancing act. Later goals were added to make advances against The Vortex Coalition wherever possible and to hunt for the numerous dupe stashes that came about from the 11/11 Dupe. However, as the Incursion went on, it was turning out to be more of a meme than an actual incursion. The fact that most people didn't take the incursion too seriously makes this a Meme Incursion if anything on the subreddit.

5th Incursion Symbol

There has been some action throughout the "Incursion" however minimal. There have been the presence of numerous individuals (mostly new players looking to PvP) armed with enchanted weapons and in enchanted armor, however combat has been minimal. The incursion was relatively quiet, with most resources being put toward containment rather than combat.

There was progress in constructing the obsidian containment wall, however it had been slowed due to interference from Team Aurora and concerns about waves of French newfags thanks to AgentGB and his video which advertised the server. Eventually, construction was never completed due to the massive amounts of withers spawned on the wall by several players.

Fifth Incursion Banner

There has been a brief command structure problem, with jared2013's stash supposedly being discovered and griefed. Enraged, he took another hiatus. DemonElite119 took command of tactical operations to keep the Fifth Incursion operational and in line with its goals, while Tim_Mcnukepants focused efforts on building the spawn base of the Fifth Incursion.

The 5th Incursion eventually failed and officially ended on December 11th, 2016. The reason for its failure was that jared2013 got bored of the Incursion, the spawn bombing did not happen because the group behind the bombing has been disbanded and the wall project has failed after the walls got withered by various players. The only thing that was a slight success in the entire incursion was an obsidian base in which the 4th Reich built (supposed to be the obsidian town mentioned earlier however remained a forward operations base), however the location of this base was leaked and griefed heavily. Overall, the Incursion ended up a meme and had almost become a real incursion if AgentGB made a series on 2b2t if the community hadn't completely spammed the shit out of him with hate comments.

What has often been overlooked was DemonElite119's betrayal of the very incursion he sought to keep afloat. As Tim_McNukepants went rogue and was disregarding any tactical plans to properly quarantine spawn and was working essentially on his own with random newfags that he invited unilaterally alongside his 4th Reich companions, DemonElite119 eventually leaked the location of the Fifth Incursion Forward Operating Base to NedaT and her companions, as well as to Drewbookman. Drewbookman would go on to spam the coordinates to the base, while NedaT rallied her forces, and a third group also appeared looking to grief the base. DemonElite119 self admittedly stuck around and pretended to fight, while planting withers within the base and attempting to protect a couple of individuals he still saw to be loyal companions, such as _Henry_ and Sun_Wukon. His betrayal was suspected but never proven until DemonElite119 himself admitted to leaking the coordinates to the base.

Groups Involved

Sixth Incursion

The Ant Incursion


Base of Origin: N/A

Spawn Base: Gulag Spawn Camps (not official)

Estimated duration: April 3rd, 2018 - May 3rd, 2018

The Sixth Incursion was started by Sato86 on April 3rd, 2018. It was confirmed that AntVenom would be making a video on 2b2t that day, set to release at 16:00 EST. At that time, AntVenom, who has over 2 million subscribers, made a video called "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy" in which he explains the synopsis of what 2b2t is.In his video, he explains the good and bad sides of 2b2t, including a clear warning to his subscribers about the foul and toxic behavior of 2b2t players. The Incursion members called themselves rats.

Later that day, the 6th incursion began on the temp map, that was created because the new hardware was sometimes experiencing intense lag and Hausemaster wanted to port the map to new hardware yet again. A small End base was built by members of Spawn MasonsEmperium, Asylum, DonFuerVoCo, NJHI, FursecutionersTeam Veteran, and The Soviets on the temp map. A wave of "Ants" or "Antfags" joined the temp map following the video's release and server player counts were seen as high as 350+. The leaders of the 8 groups mentioned earlier planned for the incursion.

Back on the main map, the incursion fighting kicked into full gear. A few other groups decided to join in on the Incursion, such as the Imperialists. Members of the incursion decided to build an obsidian wall around 1k of spawn. The obsidian used to make the wall was obtained through slave labor camps at both nether and overworld (0,0) built by incursion members. New players would be captured and forced to mine obsidian, if they didn't comply they were killed. This was the first known time in server history where slave labor was used in a near-industrial scale. The Great Obsidian Wall was named the largest community project ever completed in server history.

But once the great wall of spawn was completed, many players who had previously been fighting alongside the rest of the incursion turned against it, and began to grief the wall with withers. The incursion continued to kill and enslave new players even while fighting the protect and repair the wall, up until the end of the incursion.

14 million subscriber YouTuber PopularMMOs was also seen logging into the server during the incursion, he was killed at nether spawn by Virl. He claims he will not make a video on the server but is simply "having fun." The Obsidian Wall project around 1k of spawn was completed on April 24th, 2018. This was one of the main goals of the incursion.

The incursion officially ended on May 3rd, 2018, one month after it started, players counts were going back to normal by the incursion's end. The Incursion was considered a success, even though the obsidian wall has not proven effective due to being rather easy to get through.

Slave Labor

Slave Labor was a major defining moment of the Sixth Incursion. The Slave Labor incident was perpetrated by the incursion against "Ants", the fans of YouTuber AntVenom, due to a grand plan to build an obsidian wall around 1k around Spawn's Overworld and Nether dimensions.

AntVenom, a popular Minecraft youtuber, made a video featuring 2b2t on April 3rd 2018. An incursion formed to combat the high amount of new players, and ThebesAndSound had the idea to build a large obsidian wall around spawn. The incursion decided that they would get the obsidian for building the wall by forcing the newfags to mine echests or get killed. To get the newfags to not just do /kill, they'd also often lure them with good items. This sped up the rate of obsidian being obtained, which was good news for the sixth incursion. This was the first time "Slave Labor" was used for such a project, and it became a meme that lasted well into 2019.

Before the "Slave Labor" plan became official policy of the Sixth Incursion, Ants were usually killed on sight. But after the introduction of the new plan, Ants and other new players were captured at spawn, and forced to literally mine for their freedom (Times of forced labor ranged from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 3 hours) or face execution. These "Gulag Spawn Camps" were set up both in the Overworld and the Nether. Conditions were harsh, with many executed over small offenses. Most players either were faced with leaving 2b2t or forced to work in order to enjoy playing on it. The wall was completed in 2 weeks, but it was slowed down by spawnfags trying to engage in combat with the builders. The majority of enslaved players were allowed freedom.[citation needed]

The Great Spawn Wall would not last forever, but it was a great achievement in community effort. Hundreds of players had forcibly been mining obsidian for it, and tens of people helped build and maintain it. The usage of slave labor continued on the server, but never as efficiently or as commonly as during the 6th incursion. Most of the slave labor done after the incursion was for gathering blocks for highways and cleaning spawn bases.

Seventh Incursion

The French Incursion

Base of Origin: N/A

Spawn Base: 0,0 Nether, 6th Incursion base (September 21st - September 23rd)

Duration: September 21st, 2018 - October 13th, 2018 (Henry lead Incursion), October 13th, 2018 - October 31st, 2018 (Jared lead Incursion, Reloaded and ThebesAndSound lead Public Works)

Seventh Incursion Logo

Seventh Incursion Reloaded Logo

The Seventh Incursion was started by _Henry_ on September 21st, 2018 after subreddit drama of a french youtuber by the name of FuzeIII joining the server. The seventh incursion discord was soon formed and planning started within minutes, with previous generals from the sixth incursion reprising their roles. Some of the main goals were to build a giant lava wall (later called The French Fryer), and building a trench around spawn. Eventually, Henry did not want to be in charge of the Incursion and so proposed an election for leadership by the community on September 23rd, 2018, to further meet these goals. Jared2013 was later elected as head admin on Henry's incursion discord. A sectional leadership system was later set in place, in which members would be assigned specific roles and a leader to lead the specific projects the incursion planned to carry out against the second French invasion. The "lavaroles" managed to place down more lava around spawn, being able to finish the French Fryer and cover several places of the nether floor entirely in lava. The "trenchfaggots" managed to create the trenches around the 2k2k area of spawn using intricate TNT bombers. Other roles which have been archived and/or reintroduced were "regiment04", which focused on PvP and defending incursion members, "portaltrappers", which focused on trapping portals in obsidian, and "slavemasters", which was intended to reintroduce the slave system of the Sixth Incursion.

In the meantime, Fuze's youtube series on the server ended up continuing, with some believing Fit was physically involved in encouraging the series. Fuze eventually declared "war" on the "Americans" and "Team Veteran", announcing the formation of Team Baguette, which encompassed any french speaking player. Fit was later kicked by jared with the agreement of the vast majority of the community as his encouraging of youtube drama and attention was in direct violation of Incursion goals. This caused him to later create highly misinformed videos, discussing the likes of a "Civil War" on the server. He also mentioned that many youtubers were suddenly kicked from the Incursion, being completely false as youtubers such as DrEnderPickles, doctrzombie, BarrenDome, and AntVenom himself, were still in the discord. Nonetheless, French players, as little of them that joined, continued to be persecuted, with farms being destroyed and players being killed.

Drama soon arose when Jared2013 began to ban people that were either acting autistic, interrupting Incursion progress, or would annoy him. Many people eventually made outrage against the Incursion for the supposedly reckless and unjustified banning. This would later form a more formal Anti-Incursion group lead by WomenAreObjects, consisting primarily of members with affiliations to the Alpha Alliance, including ex-members of Infrared and members of Highland. These players were known for being spawnfags and focused primarily on PvP prowess. The Anti-Incursion was in no shape or form assisting the French but mostly focused on hindering Incursion progress, mostly patrolling spawn for Incursion members, destroying portal traps, and destroying the French Fryer and lava around 0,0 Nether. Other Anti-Incursion forces included the likes of Gambino's Teutonic Crusade and Armorsmith, who also attempted to hinder Incursion progress by attacking the trenches. Battles have occurred between the Incursion and these parties.

Drama later increased when jared2013 caused outrage after telling DemonElite119 to create fake pictures of people reporting the discord server. While most on this list were anti-incursion and believable, generals Henry and Coltsnid were also accused, leading to leadership and others disapproval of Jared. This lead to a collective kick by the generals of jared2013, with the generals also clearing the banlist of people unjustly banned. Jared attempted to make another discord but was shut down. Eventually, the incursion slowly declined as the members continued their work but were barely receiving orders from the leadership. After inactivity of the generals, Henry eventually made the announcement to end the incursion prematurely and Coltsnid later made the official statement on October 13th, 2018. The Incursion was later labelled a failure, with people, such as Fit and Sato, making explanations of why it failed. However, many members were displeased with how it ended and so ThebesAndSound continued the trench project with his Public Works, which did not claim to be the Incursion. On the same day of the announcement, jared2013 made a second discord, which was made in attempt to revive the Incursion, which he labeled the Seventh Incursion Reloaded. Many of the former members flocked to these groups and continued Incursion work. Jared later apologized for his drama and unbanned everyone from the previous banlist, including anti-incursion members, with few exceptions. He also banned certain generals of Henry's Incursion from joining, while offering general privilege to others. Jared attempted to absorb Thebes' Public Works but Thebes wanted to continue his project independently, despite overlapping members and close workings between the two parties.

Many of the Anti-Incursion joined jared2013’s Incursion Reloaded, with many being banned once again after attacks on other members with some staying in. Gambino called off the Teutonic Crusade, being an avid believer that the Incursion was over, leaving the 5th Reich to deal with remaining parties previously associated with the Incursion. Armorsmith continued to be Armorsmith. Highland kept involved with Incursion Reloaded as Lotus returned for his general privilege, which enticed members of the Anti-Incursion to rejoin, while TheDark_Emperor remained neutral, allowing his members to do as they pleased. The Vortex Coalition, on the other hand, demanded immediate retraction of members associated with jared's Incursion Reloaded, allowing members to join Thebes' Public Works. Coltsnid made an ultimatum to kick any members involved in Incursion Reloaded within the next 48 hours. This caused some drama and talks in the VoPerium Alliance as members of the Vortex Coalition and Emperium disagreed with this decision. This drama shortly concluded with Coltsnid's ultimatum being final.

Nonetheless, work continued to be done, with lava being placed around both Nether and Overworld spawn, and the trenches pretty much completed. Three new roles were created in the Incursion Reloaded, with "propaganda" intended to make propaganda encouraging Incursion Reloaded and French killing, "tree removal" intended to burn down and destroy forests, and "donkey supply" intended to create donkey depots for incursion members. Newfags and frenchfags continued to be attacked. Opposing parties also created a water cube at 0,0 Overworld. This event ended on October 31st, 2018, but most notable activity stopped a week before.

  • Highland (Members being present in Henry's Incursion, Jared's Incursion Reloaded, and the Anti-Incursion)
  • Emperium (Members being present in Henry's Incursion, Jared's Incursion Reloaded, and Public Works)
  • The Vortex Coalition (Members being present in Henry's Incursion, redacted from Jared's Incursion Reloaded, and Public Works)
  • The Teutonic Crusade (Until the end of Henry's Incursion)
  • The 5th Reich (Since Incursion Reloaded and Public Works founding, teamed with the Teutonic Crusade for a week)
  • WAO's Anti-Incursion Group
  • Armorsmith's Followers (only Armorsmith)
  • Team Baguette (Barely recognized)
  • Mini-Group Skybound (Not acknowledged, Only participated in Henry’s Incursion)

Notable Members

  • _Henry_ (General and Interim Leader of Henry's Incursion) (Kicked from Incursion Reloaded)
  • jared2013 (General and Leader of Henry's Incursion and Incursion Reloaded) (Kicked from Henry's Incursion)
  • ThebesAndSound (General and Sectional Leader of Trenchfaggots of Henry's Incursion, Leader of Public Works)
  • Coltsnid (Returning General of Henry's Incursion) (Kicked from Incursion Reloaded)
  • TheGrandLotus (Returning General of Henry's Incursion and Incursion Reloaded)
  • TheDark_Emperor (Returning General of Henry's Incursion)
  • DieloTai (Returning General of Henry's Incursion)
  • Fit (Returning General) (Kicked Entirely)
  • Cityboss1 (Sectional Leader of Lavaroles of Henry's Incursion and Incursion Reloaded)
  • policemike55 (Sectional Leader of Regiment04 of Henry's Incursion, General of Incursion Reloaded)
  • Bezopasan (Sectional Leader of Propaganda of Incursion Reloaded)
  • YellowStoneJoe (General and Sectional Leader of Donkey Supply of Incursion Reloaded)
  • Several others

Notable people against the incursion

Future controversy

After the controversial end of the Seventh Incursion and the drama surrounding it, the community had begun to grow tired of Incursions, with expectations for the next Incursion not to happen for a significant amount of time. However, during the sudden revival of Minecraft and the YouTube algorithm promoting Minecraft content (including 2b2t), the queue started to increase with drama quickly ensuing that an 8th Incursion needed to begin. In March of 2019, four separate attempts at an 8th Incursion were started, with the most significant being the one called by Gambino against the oncoming new players. These attempts all occurred roughly around the same time causing confusion on which was real, although it mostly leaned towards Gambino's due to him being generally known by the community. Gambino initially planned for the Incursion to begin when the server updated to 1.13 however the Incursion attempt, similarly to the other three, quickly failed for several reasons. Some of these reasons included the previously mentioned Incursion fatigue, Gambino's general bad reputation, and the general assumption that Gambino solely did this as a publicity stunt. It quickly fell into disarray with a large majority of the community calling it a joke. A meme Ninth Incursion was created by YotoGamer out of one of the four Eighth Incursion attempts to "oppose" it. It was later insided by admins, shutting down all operations.

Both of these events caused a large outrage in the community and an inherent stigmatism towards "Incursion" with even Sato86 declaring Incursions to be dead, as they have strayed from their original meaning. This caused several to be disenfranchised with the "Incursion" name and a mass avoidance of the term since. When Etika eventually invaded, however, it seemed impossible to deny a sort of "Incursion" related event and so several tried to rebrand the event. The rebrand that stuck would later become the Purge with slightly different goals than the default Incursion.