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Founded2011 (disorganized completely by 2012)
DisbandmentDisbanded (never an organized group)
MembersLuke2thebun, acid1212, popbob, xcc2, Harblax
Facepunch War

The 4channers were the players who joined 2b2t from its advertisements on 4chan from December 2010 to the first several months of 2011. After the invasion of the Facepunch Republic beginning in April 2011, many 4channers' sole mission was to hunt down every last Facepuncher, as did most 2b2t players. The 4channers had no leaders, bases, or organization. After they declared war on the Facepunchers and won due to decentralized bases and hacking, most left the server in the following year. The events of the Facepunch War are often compared to the Rusher War.

The 4channers made up a large majority of the player base at the time of the Facepunchers' joining. It is often estimated to be upwards of 70% of the player base, with 30% being from Facepunch, SomethingAwful, DeviantArt, and Reddit combined. It can be estimated from this that over 5,000 players had joined 2b2t from 4chan in 2b2t's early months. The 4channers were not one group; they were the combined playerbase who had joined from 4chan; however, some 4channers have converted to Facepunch, no longer identifying as a 4channer. For example, the leader of the Facepunchers himself, chezhead, had joined from 4chan, though did not identify as a 4channer.


In the early days of 2b2t, when it was still on Beta, the server initially gained popularity from 4chan, as some of the first official advertisements of the server were here. These 4channers who wished to play on an online server could not identify with the existing anarchy servers and their admins. So 2b2t, especially for frequenters of /v/ and /b/, was the Minecraft anarchy server of choice. The server began to be advertised on 4chan very commonly, with more and more new players joining. Spawn had likely received the first wave of destruction at this point.

Swastika Base

The 4channers are thought to be the origin of 2b2t's toxic nature, due to the toxic nature of 4chan itself. They brought the server's social classes (oldfag and newfag) from 4chan, which are still used commonly on the server to this day, as well as the construction of swastikas. They are not known to have made any significant bases. The only known 4chan base is the unnamed base dubbed Swastika Base, likely founded sometime in early 2011. The oldest screenshot of this base dates to sometime between February 23 to March 31, 2011.

Luke2thebun's alt, mweorz, insiding the Facepunch base Fort Creationism Corner. This screenshot was taken from chezhead's tour of the base on YouTube (here), which is the oldest known footage of 2b2t.

The 4channers were also infamous for their early usage of hacks, such as Luke2thebun. Hausemaster acknowledged these hackers on SomethingAwful, writing about the "those 4channers, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines.".[1] He had previously expressed concern about this due to speed hackers expanding 2b2t's file size bringing the server to the "verge of death" in early 2011.[2]

After the invasion of the Facepunchers beginning in late April 2011, and lead by chezhead, the 4channers formed together against them. The Facepunchers tried to calm the tides of anarchy to create peaceful anarchy, which the 4channers were against. 4channer Luke2thebun successfully insided the Republic using an alt account, mweorz. mweorz can be seen inside Facepunch base Fort Creationism Corner during a tour of the base uploaded to YouTube by chezhead, which is the oldest known footage of 2b2t. On April 28, 2011, in an event known as Greyskull's Last Stand, mweorz attacked the Republic's Camp Facepunch using a hacked client. Ten Facepunchers were killed, which was around half of their population. This marked the beginning of the Facepunch War. During the war, the 4channers were very decentralized. They had no bases or leaders, or organization of any kind. They eventually won the war due to their decentralization, as well as their use of hacked clients. Many 4channers eventually quit the server in the following year or two.

Known 4channers

===Original 4channers[Source?]===

  • Luke2thebun (Mweorz)
  • acid1212 (rumored to have a backdoor)
  • The_Bean
  • Asparagus
  • GubbyGub (Could possibly be Luke2thebun)
  • ragginmuffins
  • KombatDoctor
  • Protocol7
  • Bennyhill
  • tytoowns281
  • 4xjo
  • coolnow
  • DesertFury13
  • xcc2 (Convert to FP)
  • popbob (Convert to FP)
  • chezhead (Technically joined from 4chan, though did not affiliate with other 4channers with the founding of the Facepunch Republic)

Converts from Facepunch

  • Isak (Convert from FP)
  • PimpMastaFlex (Convert from FP)
  • Taos_Lightnin (Convert from FP)
  • Sequel (Convert from FP)
  • Glent (Convert from FP)
  • Harblax (Convert from FP)