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32K Weapons, also known as Superweapons or 32ks, were powerful hacked weapons that exist on 2b2t, named for their enchantment levels of 32767. These are considered to be the most powerful items that someone can attain on the server, with the weapons previously rendering the user invincible, if they can use it. However, due to recent dupes and attempts to patch the weapons by Hausemaster, The weapons are no longer usable.

A shulker full of 32ks

These weapons have the obvious distinction of enchantment levels of 32767, written in standard numerals rather than the usual roman numerals in enchantments. These enchant levels were applied to the most useful enchantments, making them insanely powerful. These weapons were also known to have level enchantment X (10 in roman numerals) for most of the extra enchants that would otherwise crash the server. These weapons would have extremely powerful effects, like knockback and punch levels powerful enough to either kick someone for flying or to instantly knock them into unloaded chunks; fortune and looting levels that the server to crash from amount of items that would drop from blocks broken and mobs killed, thorns levels that would instantly kill anything that attacked the wearer; protection levels that would render the wearer virtually invincible; flame and fire aspect levels that would make the target burn almost indefinitely; unbreaking enchantments that would lower the chance of an item losing a durability point when used down to almost zero, and more.

Sato's 32K Duplicated swords


First weapons

The first 32k weapons were created in early 2015 by iTristan and Pyrobyte during the Second Backdoor. These weapons could have been anything, from armor, pickaxes, swords, or even potions.

For the vast majority of these initial weapon's existence, they remained only in the possession of iTristan and Pyrobyte, until the eventual foundation of The Tyranny. By the time the Third Major Backdoor was occurring, the weapons were stored within the Archive, a "base" in the shape of a bedrock sphere. The base was eventually exposed by CainesLaw, who discovered the region files on iTristan's BitBucket account. After CainesLaw and Jacktherippa raided The Archive, iTristan reported the existence of super weapons to Hausemaster, who enabled the Illegal Items Plugin.

However, some weapons were not affected by Hause's plugin. The plugin only reverted items that were observed by a player, as a result, many still exist today, with one in particular being found behind the world border. There were also books that survived with +32000 enchants on them.


In May of 2017, Kinorana abused his SSH key to summon "Kino's Fierce Deity Sword" and "Nukkuh's Ebin Pickaxe by KinoGoods", which were 32k swords and 32k pickaxes respectively. Kinorana, along with Nukkuh, Jacktherippa, and AlphaComputer headed to Spawn to kill spawnfags. AlphaComputer allowed Fit to hold a superweapon that night, and a few days later he allowed Fit to stream him and Alpha at spawn killing people.

Public exposure

In June 2018, AlphaComputer discovered an exploit that would allow him to open shulker boxes containing 32k items and place them in his hotbar, without them being deleted by the plugin on the server that was supposed to do so. Since he, Fit, and a few other players had duped thousands of these shulker boxes the previous year, they now had access to all the 32k weapons they could ever need, and AlphaComputer once again returned to spawn to kill players with these weapons.

AlphaComputer started selling them to other players until eventually, every major group on the server had access to 32k weapons. The player HaxxorElite, who purchased 32K's, distributed them at 0,0 to random players for free and made them practically worthless, as they were more common than any other illegal item at that point.

Complete patch

As of December 20, 2019, Hausemaster patched 32k weapons, so that they are reverted even when in shulkers in a player’s inventory. The only surviving 32k's are in chests that have never been reopened or in unloaded chunks.