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2fort2furious (2f2f) logo
Membership of the official 2fort2furious Steam group, peaking in November 2011.

2fort2furious (2f2f) was a Team Fortress 2 server hosted in the United States and created by floor_master. The IP address of the server was[1] Its name is derived from the 2003 film 2 Fast 2 Furious. The server shut down sometime around late 2012 due to a declining playerbase.


It is unknown when 2f2f began, but it likely began in late 2007 or January 2008. 2f2f began its forum (forums.2fort2furious.com) as late as January 25, 2008, the date FLOOR_MASTER made his account.[2] The 2fort2furious community Steam group began on February 19, 2008.[3] 2f2f's YouTube channel began on April 8, 2008.[4] The channel uploaded 31 videos from April 18 to January 10, 2010.[5]

The server and forums started to shut down around late 2012, with everything shutting down completely by 2013. 2f2f's forums stated that the server and forums were seized by law enforcement for running an illegal gambling operation, but this was a joke by floor_master, indicating that the community was more or less gone by that point.[6]

The original 2f2f server briefly returned in 2018, with the same IP and floor_master as admin.


2fort2furious2 (2f2f2) logo

The 2fort2furious2 (2f2f2) Steam group was founded on March 23, 2015,[7] as an attempt to re-capture the magic of the original 2f2f.[8]

Notable players

Many archives of the forum's user list can be viewed here.

  • FLOOR_MASTER — founder and owner of 2fort2furious
  • HOUSEMASTER — Hausemaster's name on Team Fortress 2. He registered his account on the 2f2f forums on February 20, 2008, as "HOUSEMASTER". His account is the 80th on the forum.[9]


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