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Hi! In The News
WikiRating is a program that aims to evaluate 2b2t Wiki articles. It was created on May 28, by Tigran07. Considering that 2b2t Wiki has recently started improving articles and we can evaluate articles, help them by showing bad articles. We rate 2b2t Wiki articles on a 6-point scale. WikiRating is an open project for anyone who wants to rate the articles in 2b2t Wiki. If you want to join, you can write your signature below ([optional message] ~~~~).

The participants of the program will use special templates, which they will post on the discussion page. There are 6 types:

Ω – One of 10 best articles
  • over 8000 bytes
  • has 5+ ref.
  • beautiful (with images, templates)
  • clear classification
C – Good article
  • over 1500 bytes
  • has links
  • images
A – High-quality article
  • over 5000 bytes
  • has links
  • images
  • clear classification
  • templates
D – Low-quality article
  • over 700 bytes
  • no sources
B – Great article
  • over 3000 bytes
  • has links
  • images
  • templates
E – Bad article
  • 300 bytes or less
  • unreliable information
  • no sources
  • The project is temporarily suspended
WikiRating statistics for 29.05.21
Class Count
A 11
B 18
C 34
D 10
E 1
Ω 4
Total 78
Sort by: Category:WikiRating A/B/C/D/E/Ω Rank


First! - Tigran 07/ 💬 16:11, 28 May 2021 (UTC)