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Style Guide is a general outline of how an article should be laid out for both easy viewing and editing. This guide will cover certain scenarios that you may see in an article and how to go about either applying or fixing it to the betterment of the wiki as a whole.

As with many guides, this is meant to give a general idea on how to lay out an article and and not all topics listed here may apply in every case. As an article could contain anything, apply what makes the most sense for each to provide a consistent flow from article to article. 

General Article Style

  • Articles should be capitalized appropriately depending on the player/base name, looking to achieve exact capitalization.
  • To italicize, add Template:Italic title near the top of the article
  • Do not use A, An, or The as the first word (X+ Nether Highway, not The X+ Nether Highway), unless it is an inseparable part of a name (The Paragon)
  • Normally use nouns over noun phrases when setting a heading: 2011, not In 2011
  • Whenever quotation marks or apostrophes appear, add a redirect for the same title but using “curly” quotemarks/apostrophes instead of the usual "straight" ones
  • When writing articles of history, events should be segmented off in chronological order, with a brief summary at the top of the article summarizing the text.


  • All images must be accompanied by a brief caption. Images should be specifically relevant to the article.

General Wiki Style

  • No advertisements of any discord server, website, or client associated with 2b2t or any other minecraft server are permitted.
  • The wiki should be kept in a third-person, neutral observer perspective at all times. Articles written in a first-person perspective should be rewritten according to proper guidelines.
  • Quotation should be used, with attribution, to present emotive opinions that cannot be expressed in a neutral, third-person perspective.


  • Players cannot write an article about themselves except for special requests from wiki staff.
  • Articles relating to 2b2t players should be accompanied by a side box containing the player's skin and any relevant information, including alternate accounts, past usernames, and any known affiliations.


  • Only griefed bases should have an active wiki article on them. Non-griefed but still large bases (ex. Valinor, Mozukai Island), should be added to the wiki once they have fallen.


  • Within a given article the conventions of one particular name should be followed consistently.
  • Use universally accepted terms rather than those less widely distributed, but provide the irrelevant terms somewhere in the page as well or as a redirect.
  • If one variant appears in a title, make a redirect page to accommodate the others
  • Please follow grammar rules of either UK or US English, either should be fine.
  • Do not use unwarranted abbreviations without expanding the abbreviation or linking to the article.
  • Do not invent abbreviations or acronyms for bases unless they already exist.

HTML format

  • Either the element or the Template:Abbr template can be used for abbreviations and acronyms.
  • Use ... or ... for emphasis.
  • For a link to function, any italics markup must be either completely outside the link markup.
Ex.   Incorrect: He left the server with ''Kings Landing'' still unfinished.
      Correct: He left the server with Kings Landing still unfinished.
  • Block quotations can be enclosed in

Project:Style Guide/General|General Project:Style Guide/Article style guidelines|Article style guidelines </tabview>