It is mandatory to read the rules before editing, posting, or contributing to the 2b2t wiki. Failure to obey the rules may result in a ban or suspension.

A. General rules

Draft creation and Page editing

All pages must:

  1. Originate as drafts. To create a draft, please see the Draft Creation Guide.
  2. Follow the Manual of Style.
  3. Relate to 2b2t or the 2b2t community.
    1. The 2b2t Community is defined as the 2b2t minecraft server and chatrooms & websites which directly pertain to it, or concern mechanics, exploits, etc that are used on the server or these associated chat rooms and sites
    2. Brief mentions of non-2b2t servers, sites, etc are permitted where they are important to the page's structure, e.g 'OreMonger moved to Constantiam after the grief of KGB.'
  4. Not contain discord links, except the invite for the wiki discord itself. The wiki is meant to inform, not to advertise.
  5. Individual pages on Shops are prohibited as the wiki is not an advertising platform
  6. Not excessively LARP
  7. Not be Orphaned

Rules for base pages

All base pages must:

  1. List all known contributing base members. Non-contributory base members should not be listed.
  2. List all known leakers.
  3. List all known griefers or their group(s) of origin, preferably both
  4. Include important dates, such as those of foundation and completion/grief, the minimum acceptable description is the month and year (bases created before June 1st, 2016 are excused from this requirement).
  5. Include one or more pictures of the major build/base.
  6. Have existed on
    1. Test server bases are permitted in succinct write-ups on the page.
    2. Temp map/April fool's map bases are permitted in succinct write-ups on the Temp maps page.
  7. Concern bases that have already been griefed, OR have their locations publicly known and are fully abandoned.
  8. Adhere to the general page layout outlined in Sample Base Page

Rules for group pages

All group pages must:

  1. Be about a 2b2t group
  2. Not contain any discord invite links, and must furthermore not request wiki users to join said group.
  3. Adhere to the general page layout outlined in Sample Group Page

Rules for player pages

All player pages must:

  1. Be about a 2b2t player
  2. Adhere to the general page layout outlined in Sample Player Page

General page editing rules

  1. Vandalism is not allowed.
  2. Be as objective as possible. (See #Bias)
  3. Reviewers are allowed to remove any article they deem inappropriate for the 2b2t Wiki without consulting the community, upon a simple majority vote amongst themselves. They are required to provide their reasoning.
    1. If you disagree with a removal, you are welcome to discuss it on the respective Reviewer's talk page that is heading up that particular removal, or to discuss it on the discord server.
  4. If a Reviewer or Staff member rolls an edit back, please do not re-add the edit. If you feel that they member should not have rolled back an edit, discuss it in the page's discussion page, or on the discord server.
  5. 'Shitposting' of ANY sort is not allowed.
  6. Editing maliciously or in 'bad faith' is not permitted.
    1. If a user is clearly not here to build an encyclopedia, as defined by a staff member's reasonable interpretation of this Wikipedia guideline, then they shall be blocked from editing.
    2. Generally, while good faith is assumed, staff members are not required to ignore plain evidence of bad faith behavior. Gaming the system and/or disrupting the Wiki in order to make a point and/or other kinds of behavior that generally indicate motives other than building an encyclopedia are not permitted.

Content disputes

Sometimes there are disagreements on what a page says, doesn’t say, or should say. In this event, when an individual does not agree for one reason or another, there is an escalation procedure for these content disputes. For reference, it is as follows:

  1. Edit the page to your liking. This is the absolute first step, since it’s how wikis work. You have to edit the content to your liking in order to begin any kind of dispute resolution. Explain in your edit summary what you are changing and why. If your edit stands and no one reverts it, congratulations. Otherwise:
  2. Assuming someone reverted your edit, talk to them. If it's a draft, it'll probably have been the author of the draft. Provide evidence to support your position and come to a compromise. Yes, you have to do this. It's highly recommended to do so on the wiki, by going to the "talk page", which you can find by clicking Discussion. This way there is a public record of the dispute. Reaching out in private (such as on Discord) is allowed, but then Reviewers will have a harder time evaluating the dispute should it escalate further.
  3. If you cannot reach a compromise, reach out to a Reviewer. Reviewers are the authority on content on the wiki overall, and are the users that are here for addressing bias and incorrect content on the wiki. They will discuss among themselves what they feel should be done, and will be guided by input and information from those in dispute. They may also request that staff lock the page on a given version while the dispute is worked out if necessary. A majority of Reviewers decide when drafts are promoted to articles, and articles are demoted to drafts. Draft reviewers shall keep drafts as drafts until disputes are reasonably resolved.

Image uploading rules

  1. Do not upload images that pertain to events, individuals, ideas, etc outside of the wiki's scope.
  2. When uploading an image, affix a title that properly discloses the contents of the image.
    1. This is EXTREMELY important as the images you upload may be used in other articles, it is imperative this is adhered to so that the Image Library is navigable.
  3. When uploading an image, provide as much information about the image itself as you possible can, most importantly:
    1. What the image is of (should be similar to the title).
    2. When the image was created/captured.
    3. Who created/captured the image.
  4. DO NOT upload ANY images of a player in real life, their place of residence, place of work, etc. This will be viewed as a dox. See #Personal Information for more information.

Other general rules

Personal information

  1. The inclusion of specific real-life information of any kind on the wiki in any capacity is not permitted, excepting close familial relationships between players, as these relationships tend to be widely-known and can provide a useful introduction for some players, e.g 'Torogadude and Ericudo are brothers.'
    1. Clear attempts to circumvent this will be treated as rule-violating behavior.
  2. The mentioning of doxxes as events are permitted,, (i.e. 'Chrisleighton was doxxed'), but to link or take information from a dox or to in any way direct to it is not permitted.

General Conduct

  1. Ban bypassing is not permitted.
  2. The use of alts is not permitted.

B. Article quality


  1. Sources are always preferred for content, whether primary or secondary, and should be cited throughout the article whenever possible.
  2. Primary sources include:
    1. Forum posts from people who experienced an event firsthand. Screenshots of a Discord message are allowed via an Imgur link.
    2. A screenshot that is able to be verified as being on 2b2t, or a dialogue on an external application whose validity is verifiable.
    3. A video that is able to be verified as being on 2b2t
  3. Avoid third-party YouTube videos and similar sources unless for objective information such as dates or the existence of an event or base. See 2b2t Wiki:Reliability of sources for a list of common YouTubers and their reliability as concluded from consensus.
  4. When articles are adapted entirely or in a significant part from interviews, the interviewed player should be listed in the sources section with in-game name, followed by the date of the interview, separated by a comma.


  1. Every new draft will be reviewed by the Reviewers.
  2. Exaggeration is strictly forbidden.
  3. Use multiple sources whenever possible, especially for topics that are likely to generate conflict.
  4. See also - #Content disputes

Language and Grammar

  1. The 2b2t wiki is an English-language site, all articles should be written in English.
  2. Pages are expected to be written using proper English grammar, using simple past tense, and in third person.
  3. The first time you mention any noun (i.e player, base, event, group, etc.) in an article, you are expected to link to that respective article (using two square brackets [[ ]] on each side of the term. All noun mentions in the page header summary and infoboxes should also be linked.
  4. Do not link to other pages every time they are mentioned in the body text on a respective page. Once is plenty.

Other rules concerning article quality

  1. Add categories to pages. This can be done in source editing by typing [[Category:Example]], or by clicking the category stripe at the bottom of the page twice in normal editing.

C. Interviews

The 2b2t wiki ABSOLUTELY encourages players to conduct interviews in order to boost article quality with the introduction of additional primary sources (see #Sources). Keeping this in mind, it is imperative the following rules be followed strictly; this is the first impression of the wiki for many in the greater community, make it a good impression.

Proper selection of an interviewee

  1. To interview a player, you should have an idea of what you are looking for from the interviewee before proceeding.

Proper conduction of an interview

  1. To start an interview, disclose that you are from the 2b2t wiki, and ask politely if they would be interested in an interview.
  2. If a request for an interview is denied, do not continue to pursue one.
  3. The direction of an interview will vary wildly depending on the circumstances and what you are looking for, but be thorough so that you do not have to keep requesting more information.
  4. Request any associated graphics, reddit posts, primary-source videos, etc for the additional supplementation of related articles.

D. Administration of the 2b2t Wiki

General staff rules

  1. Staff is defined as the Bureaucrats and the Administrators.
  2. While the amount of Bureaucrats is not limited, it should generally be kept as a small group of users that are long-term participants in the site who will help to guide it with the benefit of extensive past experience. Bureaucrat should under no circumstances be given to anyone that is lacking in experience on the site.
  3. There can be as many Administrators as the staff members deem necessary to the operation of the wiki.
  4. Staff is responsible for guiding the wiki overall, managing personnel, enforcing the rules, and contacting Miraheze when necessary.
  5. Staff is not responsible for authoring specific pages.

Reviewer Rules

  1. Reviewers moderate contents on the wiki, discuss and approve drafts, are able to turn respective pages back into drafts, and arbitrate content disputes.
    1. Moderation in this case refers to the page's adherence to the rules and Manual of Style.
  2. Reviewers are not responsible for authoring specific pages, only for their overall moderation.
  3. Reviewers participate in Draft Review. By extension, they may also vote to move egregiously-written pages back to being drafts for the purpose of fixing them if necessary. They may also vote to move pages imported from other sites (located in the Quarantine namespace) to the main namespace or draft namespace where applicable.

Promotion and demotion

  1. Bureaucrats are voted in and out by the Bureaucrats, with a unanimous vote. This rank is designed to be a generally-static position on the site which serves as a long-term guiding body to the wiki.
  2. Administrators are voted in and out by the staff members, with a simple majority.
  3. Staff members can be demoted in a recall vote by a two thirds majority of Reviewers. A discussion page may be used if Reviewers deem it necessary.
  4. Reviewers can be promoted in a vote by a two thirds majority of current reviewers.
  5. Reviewers can be demoted in a recall vote by a two thirds majority of editors whom are eligible to vote. A discussion page must be used.
  6. Miraheze stewards will be contacted in the event of Staff demotions being unable to be carried out.

Discussion Pages

Sometimes, actions of sitewide impact are deemed necessary by individual users outside of the Staff or Review teams. The method of advancing such changes is the creation of discussion pages, which include both the voicing of opinions/arguments and the casting of votes based on them. It is critical that discussion pages contain discussion above all else, although specifically holding votes is optional.

Regardless of a vote taking place (as oftentimes, simply putting forth compelling arguments and establishing consensus is a much more effective and cooperative strategy), it is imperative that discussion be kept respectful. The use of swears, slurs, direct attacks, and unfairly weighted language should be avoided.

Counting of Votes

  1. Bureaucrats count votes.
  2. Bureaucrats that are the subject of a discussion page cannot participate in counting of votes.
  3. In the event of discussion page advocating for bureaucratic demotions, only one at a time should be voted on due to the limited number of Bureaucrats and the static nature of the position.

Voting Eligibility

It is important that those participating in votes are regular editors as they are the users who drive the site forward and actively use it; to count non-regular editors would undermine the authority of the average editor and furthermore erodes the overall purpose of a wiki. It is therefore important to mitigate against brigading, sockpuppetry, etc.

As such, users must satisfy the following requirements to have their votes counted:

  1. The voting account must not be an alt, often called a sockpuppet within miraheze.
    1. Users may create new accounts at will in the event of losing previous ones, these are not to be considered alts, multiple at once just cant be used.
  2. There must be clear participation in the wiki outside of the vote page.
    1. Clear Participation entails multiple edits to multiple pages at multiple points in time over the preceding 3 months.
    2. Creation of the account, edits to user pages, or the conduction of singular edits do not constitute ‘clear participation’.
    3. Obvious attempts to gather meatpuppets or alt accounts and meet minimum clear participation thresholds are still considered to be brigading, regardless of edit count.
  3. The voting account must have been created at least 3 months prior to the vote
  4. Votes simply saying ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or nothing at all will not be counted. These pages, while being votes in nature, are still discussion pages and to not discuss is to miss the whole point of the page. See this Wikipedia policy for reference.

While votes overall should not be impeded, there is a clear distinction between democratic process, and such behaviors as mob rule, brigading, etc. It is important to enable and encourage voting, but to also mitigate against destructive behaviors which can and will impede the wiki’s everyday functions and prevent productive discussion from taking place.

Restrictions Concerning Demotion Votes

  1. For demotion votes, there is a Double Jeopardy system - if there is a recall vote on a Staff Member or a Reviewer which is ultimately voted against, the premise of that vote and supporting evidence should generally not be used again in either other discussion pages or individual votes within them unless there is clear indication that alleged behaviors have significantly escalated. Individual votes using previously-rejected reasoning of this sort without significant changes in circumstances will not be counted.
  2. For demotion votes, there is a statute of limitations - A Staff Member or Reviewer cannot have a recall vote called for something that occurred more than three months previous, although individual's votes within a discussion page using reasoning concerning past events that were not decided against in previous votes can be considered valid.
    1. Individual votes which only reference events or evidence older than a year will not be counted.
  3. Individual disagreements concerning content-moderation or personnel-moderation issues are not valid grounds for the demotion of an individual, as otherwise this would undermine site moderation as a whole and furthermore trivializes individuals’ other contributions to the site.
  4. Demotion votes should generally be reserved only for users who's action or inaction within their role causes harm to the wiki. Users creating discussion pages to this effect must demonstrate this active harm with specific linked evidence in the discussion page's header.
  5. Failure to do so may result in a forced restart or outright nullification if the rationale for starting the page in the first place cannot be demonstrated.
  6. Staff nominations conducted by discussion pages are subject to confirmation vote by a ⅔ majority of Staff and Reviewers.

Changes to 2b2t Wiki Rules

  1. Rules are to be changed by Staff members
  2. Rules are enforced by either Staff or Reviewers, situationally, depending on pertinence to the management of the site, its contents, or its community.
  3. The Rules may only be changed with a simple majority vote to do so.
  4. No changes to the rules will take effect until voted upon by the staff members, and achieving a simple majority to do so.