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It is mandatory to read the rules before editing, posting, or contributing to the 2b2t wiki. Failure to obey the rules will result in a ban or suspension.

A. General rules

Draft creation and Page editing

All pages must:

  1. Originate as drafts. To create a draft, please see the Draft Creation Guide.
  2. Follow the Manual of Style.
  3. Relate to 2b2t or the 2b2t community.
    1. Brief mentions of non-2b2t institutions are permitted where they are important to the page's structure, e.g 'OreMonger moved to Constantiam after the grief of KGB.'
  4. Not contain discord links, excepting the invite for the wiki discord itself. The wiki is meant to inform, not to advertise.
  5. Individual pages on Shops are prohibited.
  6. Not excessively LARP
  7. Not be Orphaned

Rules for base pages

All base pages must:

  1. List all known contributing base members. Non-contributory base members should not be listed.
  2. List all known leakers.
  3. List all known griefers or their group(s) of origin.
  4. Include dates of foundation and completion/grief, the minimum acceptable description is the month and year (bases created before June 1st, 2016 are excused from this requirement).
  5. Include one or more pictures of the major build/base.
  6. Have existed on 2b2t.org.
    1. Test server bases are permitted in succinct write-ups on the test.2b2t.org page.
    2. Temp map/April fool's map bases are permitted in succinct write-ups on the Temp maps page.
  7. Concern bases that have already been griefed, OR have their locations publicly known and are fully abandoned.
  8. Adhere to the general page layout outlined in Sample Base Page

Rules for group pages

All group pages must:

  1. Be about a 2b2t group
  2. Not contain any discord invite links, and must furthermore not request wiki users to join said group.
  3. Adhere to the general page layout outlined in Sample Group Page

Rules for player pages

All player pages must:

  1. Be about a 2b2t player
  2. Adhere to the general page layout outlined in Sample Player Page

General page editing rules

  1. If a staff member rolls an edit back, please do not re-add the edit. If you feel that the staff member should not have rolled back an edit, discuss it in the page's discussion page, or on the discord server. If a request is denied, do not re-add your edit.
  2. Vandalism is not allowed.
  3. Be as objective as possible. (See #Bias)
  4. Do not remove commonly known terms such as oldfag, newfag etc; because they are not family friendly (ex: making "grammar edits" by removing terms such as newfag).
  5. Wiki Staff are allowed to remove any article they deem inappropriate for the 2b2t Wiki without consulting the community.
    1. If you disagree with a removal, you are welcome to discuss it on the respective staff member's talk page, or on the discord server.
  6. 'Shitposting' of ANY sort is not allowed.
  7. Editing maliciously or in 'bad faith' is not permitted.

Image uploading rules

  1. Do not upload images that pertain to events, individuals, ideas, etc outside of the wiki's scope.
  2. When uploading an image, affix a title that properly discloses the contents of the image.
    1. This is EXTREMELY important as the images you upload may be used in other articles, it is imperative this is adhered to so that the Image Library is navigable.
  3. When uploading an image, provide as much information about the image itself as you possible can, most importantly:
    1. What the image is of (should be similar to the title).
    2. When the image was created/captured.
    3. Who created/captured the image.
  4. DO NOT upload ANY images of a player in real life, their place of residence, place of work, etc. This will be viewed as a dox. See #Personal Information for more information.

Other general rules

Personal information

  1. The inclusion of real-life information of any kind on the wiki is not permitted, excepting familial relationships between players e.g 'Torogadude and Ericudo are brothers.'
  2. The mentioning of doxxes as events are permitted, (i.e. 'Chrisleighton was doxxed'), but to link or take information from a dox is not permitted.

General Conduct

  1. Editing maliciously or in 'bad faith' is not permitted.
  2. Ban bypassing is not permitted.
  3. The use of alts is not permitted.

B. Article quality


  1. Sources are always preferred, whether primary or secondary, and should be cited throughout the article.
  2. Primary sources include:
    1. Forum posts from people who experienced an event firsthand. Screenshots of a Discord message are allowed via an Imgur link.
    2. A screenshot that is able to be verified as being on 2b2t, or a dialogue on an external application whose validity is verifiable.
    3. A video that is able to be verified as being on 2b2t
  3. Avoid third-party YouTube videos and similar sources unless for objective information such as dates or the existence of an event or base. See 2b2t Wiki:Reliability of sources for a list of common YouTubers and their reliability as concluded from consensus.


  1. Every new draft will be reviewed by a member of the 2b2t Wiki Administration. Members of the 2b2t Wiki Administration will be responsible for ensuring that biased articles are not published.
  2. Exaggeration is strictly forbidden.
  3. Use multiple sources whenever possible, especially for topics that are likely to generate conflict.

Language and Grammar

  1. The 2b2t wiki is an English-language site, all articles should be written in English.
  2. Pages are expected to be written using proper English grammar.
  3. The first time you mention any noun (i.e player, base, event, group, etc.) in an article, you are expected to link to that respective article (using two square brackets [[ ]] on each side of the term.

Other rules concerning article quality

  1. Add categories to pages. This can be done in source editing by typing [[Category:Example]], or by clicking the category stripe at the bottom of the page twice in normal editing.

C. Interviews

The 2b2t wiki ABSOLUTELY encourages players to conduct interviews in order to boost article quality with the introduction of additional primary sources (see #Sources). Keeping this in mind, it is imperative the following rules be followed strictly; this is the first impression of the wiki for many in the greater community, make it a good impression.

Proper selection of an interviewee

  1. To interview a player, you should have an idea of what you are looking for from the interviewee before proceeding.

Proper conduction of an interview

  1. To start an interview, disclose that you are from the 2b2t wiki, and ask politely if they would be interested in an interview.
  2. If a request for an interview is denied, do not continue to pursue one.
  3. The direction of an interview will vary wildly depending on the circumstances and what you are looking for, but be thorough so that you do not have to keep requesting more information.
  4. Request any associated graphics, reddit posts, primary-source videos, etc for the additional supplementation of related articles.

D. Administration of the 2b2t Wiki

General staff rules

  1. Staff is defined as the Bureaucrats and the Administrators.
  2. There are only to be 3 Bureaucrats at any given time. They hold no additional responsibilities compared with administrators, although as a result of Miraheze's structure, they are nonetheless required.
  3. There can be as many Administrators as the staff members deem necessary to the operation of the wiki.
  4. Staff is responsible for moderating the wiki and keeping it operational.
  5. Staff is not responsible for authoring specific pages, only for their overall moderation.
    1. Moderation in this case refers to page's adherence to the rules and Manual of Style.

Trusted Editors

  1. Wiki users that have adequately demonstrated knowledge of the Rules and Manual of Style, in addition to strong writing abilities and reliable objectivity, may be promoted to Trusted Editor, which enables them to bypass the draft creation process for articles they author. This also enables them to participate in Draft Review alongside Staff members.

Promotion and demotion

  1. Bureaucrats are voted in and out by the staff members, with a simple majority.
  2. Administrators are voted in and out by the staff members, with a simple majority.
  3. Trusted editors are voted in and out by the staff members, with a simple majority.
  4. Miraheze Stewards are permitted to demote democratically-removed or inactive Bureaucrats and Admins, should the staff team be unable to remove them.
    1. Democratic removal entails a discussion page being created, and left up for a period of 7 days. A simple majority shall be the deciding proportion.
    2. To be considered inactive, the offending Staff member must have under 10 edits in the last 3 months.

Changes to 2b2t Wiki Rules

  1. The Rules may only be changed with a simple majority vote to do so.
  2. No changes to the rules will take effect until voted upon by the staff members, and achieving a simple majority to do so.

(Updated for September 2022 standards by Joey_Coconut)