2b2t Wiki:Reliability of sources

The following is a list of sources whose level of reliability has been concluded from editor consensus on the talk page at 2b2t Wiki talk:Reliability of sources. Editors may consult this list when unsure about citing a source. If you would like to add a source below, start a discussion with your view on the talk page.


Source Status Summary
Facepunch threads Generally reliable Facepunch threads are primary sources for Facepunch activity on 2b2t. The posts contained in them may be unreliable sometimes but this is less of a concern for the more common posters in the threads. The threads showcase the Facepunch perspective of 2b2t and may overstate their own importance. As an example, THEJudgeHolden claims that he was unaware of the Facepunch war until its later stages.
FitMC Generally unreliable FitMC is almost always uninvolved in what he talks about. He has been cited over the years for his lack of in-depth research, not consulting enough sources, and purposely exaggerating information to maintain viewership. He also gets information from other players who often lie or exaggerate in favor of themselves or their groups, making several of his videos completely false. You may use some of his older videos as primary sources, and as for his newer videos, be very careful and try to cite only objective information such as dates and names.